If he does these things, he doesn’t love you enough

We all need to be loved, it’s a part of our nature, but what if a man says he loves you, but you have your doubts? Perhaps he is just saying he loves you for a quiet life, or worse, what if he is deceiving you completely. Love is more than just words; it needs to be backed by actions as well, and you can tell if a man really loves you by the way he behaves and by the things that he does for you. If you’ve ever wondered how much your man really loves you, here are ten signs that he probably doesn’t love you enough.

1. He cheats on you

Sometimes, when someone cheats, the say it was a mistake, please forgive me, it will never happen again but, if he really loved you, would he have given in to the temptation? Some couples do get over cheating and they stay together quite happily, but whether they ever really get over the doubt that cheating must have sown in the mind is another question entirely. If you really love someone very deeply, you would never hurt that person by cheating on them.

2. He makes a fool of you in public

If a man makes you look foolish in public, then you would have to question how much he loves you. Someone who really loves you would stick up for you and he would never want you to feel embarrassed. He would know that making fun of you in public would make you feel unhappy, and that would be the last thing that a man who loves you would want.

3. He violent towards you

No one should ever stay in a relationship where there is any violence, or even any threat of violence. Most decent men would never hit any woman, let alone hit the woman they are supposedly in love with. If there is any violence in the relationship, by either party, then that is not a healthy, loving relationship.

4. He takes decisions without talking to you first

If someone loves you – they will want to seek your approval for most of the decisions that they make. On the smaller issues, like what clothes to buy, he will ask your opinion because he wants to please you and, on the larger decisions that affect both you, like where to live, you have both have a right to be involved in the decision making process. If he simply goes ahead without even asking for your input, then that is a sign that he doesn’t respect you or love you enough.

5. He spends more time with his friends than he does with you

Having friends is important for both of you, but, if he spends more time going out with his buddies than he does with you, then something is definitely wrong. If he really loves you a lot, he will want to spend time with you and go out with you. His friends may well be important to him, but if it came to the crunch, you would come first if he loved you.

6. He never listens to you

We can all get distracted sometimes and not really pay close enough pay attention to what our partners are saying, but if he does that all the time, then that’s another sign that he doesn’t love you enough. It shows that he really doesn’t take you seriously enough and that he doesn’t care enough about your feelings to be interested in what you have to say.

7. He’s never there for you

You should be able to rely on your partner to be there for whenever you need them. If you are sick, he’s the one who will look after you, if you are feeling low he’s the one who will try to cheer you up, and, if you need someone to talk to, he’s the one who will be there to listen. If your man seems to just disappear when things are not 100%, then he can’t really love you enough to care about you.

8. He hides your relationship

He should be proud of you and he should want to introduce you to his friends and family so, if it feels like you are being kept a secret, you should ask yourself why. If he really loved you, he would want the whole world to know about you!

9. He wants you to change

A man who loves you will love as you are and he won’t want you to change just to suit him. If he wants you to dress in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, give up your dreams for him, or change anything major about how you behave, then that guy doesn’t love you, he loves what he thinks he can make you become.

10. He never talks about the future

If you can never get him to talk about the future, then that’s not a good sign either. If he loves you, he will be excited about the future that you can have together and he should be planning that future with you. If he’s not, it could be that he is holding back on planning for the future with you, because he doesn’t think that his future will include you.

Stay happy!

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