How To Tell If Someone Has A Crush On You?

Not sure if someone has a crush on you or not? Beauty and Tips are going to let you in on a little secret: Although the other person doesn’t realise it, they have a series of “tells” that give them away. In this article, we take a look at exactly what these tells are, so that you always know when someone is crushing on you.

Being crushed on is lovely, especially when the crush is mutual. But when you’re not sure if the other person likes you or not, it’s less than lovely.

In fact, it’s downright confusing.

How do you really know if someone likes you … or if they just like you as a friend? How do you know if they’re going to make a move soon, or if they’re going to invite you to hang out with the rest of their friends? How do you know if you should move on from this person or if you’re about to get into a relationship with them?

Even as adults we get incredibly anxious over “silly” little things, like whether or not we’re being crushed on but, hey, this is an important topic. Fortunately there are lots of little (and big) signs to look out for.

Here’s how to tell if someone has a crush on you…

They Remember Stuff You Say

Ever been surprised by the amount of things some people remember about what you’ve said? Sometimes, even you can’t remember saying it!

What does it mean? Does it mean they have an amazing memory? Does it mean they remember all kinds of unimportant stuff? Does it mean they’re a bit weird?

Or does it mean they’re crushing on you?

Remembering things that anyone should remember – such as dates for hanging out, what your favourite song is etc – doesn’t say much. But if a person remembers seemingly meaningless things, it’s pretty meaningful.

Remember last week when you complained about having sore heels, too? You certainly didn’t expect them to, but they remembered those sore heels too. And now they’re sending you a text, asking how your heels are.

It’s this sort of stuff that means they’re interested in you. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t take the time to remember the details. It’s as simple as that.

They Find Random Reasons To Talk To You

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

Their toaster has literally just broken. Do you care? Do they think you care? Probably not, but they’re going to text you about it anyway.

“My toaster literally just broke.”

“RIP your toaster.”

“IKR. Do I risk burning my bread on an open fire?”

And all of a sudden, a new conversation is up and running.

If they’ve got nothing remarkable to say, they’re still going to find an excuse to text you because they’re crushing on you. Bear this in mind the next time you think, “why on earth did they just text me that?”

They’re All Over Your Facebook

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

One of the most obvious signs someone is crushing on you is their Facebook activity. Or rather, their activity on your Facebook page.

See, crushes can’t help themselves when it comes to social media – they HAVE to get your attention. Each time you make a status, they’ll be ready to comment.

Even if it’s about a brand new beauty product he has no clue about, he’ll still find a way to comment.

He’ll banter with you on Facebook, tag you in silly statuses and then …

They Message You On Facebook

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

Why do we DM people? We DM our friends because they’re our friends and perhaps we want to ask them a question, recommend them some music or arrange to meet up.

But why would a guy you don’t know massively well start direct messaging you? Probably because he kinda likes you.

If he’s been talking to you on your Facebook wall up until now, there’s going to come a time when he DM’s you – if he likes you, that is.

And when he does DM you, he’ll instantly start flirting with you. Unless he’s a bit shy. In which case, he’ll probably start the conversation with something like “Hey, here’s a song I thought you might like.”


Either way, if a guy gets into your DM’s, it’s a pretty big sign that he likes you.

They Talk To You Everywhere

One moment they’re chatting to you on Facebook, and the next moment they’re replying to your message on What’sApp.

Then they’re texting you before catching you on twitter.

If a guy is literally all over your instant messaging services and holding conversations with you in different places, it’s another big sign that he likes you.

If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be going to so much trouble. Well, he’d barely message you from one platform, let alone 3 or 4!

They Touch You

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

Come on, if someone didn’t like you, why on earth would they physically touch you? (except to move you out of the way LOL).

Contrary to popular belief, guys aren’t as confident as women think they are when it comes to touching our shoulder or our hair.

Creeps are, of course. Creeps don’t mind grabbing our thigh or smacking our behind. But real cute guys who are genuine and who are crushing on us need to be sure of their feelings and ours before they’ll touch us.

If he starts to play with your hair, or if he touches your shoulder or the small of your back when you’re chatting and otherwise having fun, it’s another pretty clear sign that he likes you.

They’ll also sit as close to you as they possibly can and will look for signs from you that tell them whether or not you actually like their behaviour.

They Cheer For You

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

If a guy is crushing on you, one of the ways he’ll let you know is by cheering you on. Whether you’ve got a big exam coming up, an audition or a job interview, they’ll wish you good luck, send “you can do it!” type messages and ask you how it went.

The only time they won’t cheer you on is when you’re going out on a date!

As well as messages of goodwill, anyone who’s crushing on you will probably do their best to help you out too. And when you least expect them to be there on the sidelines cheering you on, that’s exactly where they’ll be.

They’ll Keep In Contact All Day

When someone is crushing on you, it’s likely that they’ll do all they can to maintain contact with you all day.

Even when a conversation appears to be dying, they’ll either find a way to resurrect it, or they’ll catch you on another communication platform and reply to one of your old messages over there.

A crush probably won’t go as far as wishing you a good morning, but they’ll find some reason to text you during the day. From then on, they’ll do all they can to keep texting you until it’s time to go to bed.

If there are times when you go silent for more than an hour and don’t appear to be replying, your crush might send a follow-up text. Is this annoying? It can be. But hey, it’s just another sign that they like you and want to talk to you.

And when it is time for bed, they’ll say good night. Aww.

They’re Available

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

It’s always remarkably easy to get in touch with someone who’s crushing on you.

You text and they reply.

You make a status on Facebook and tag them in it, and they engage with it almost instantly.

You invite them over, and what do you know? They’ll be right over!

Crushes are easy to spot in this way. If someone wasn’t interested in you, getting in touch with them would be a nightmare. They wouldn’t even read your message on Facebook for ages, let alone reply to it, while it could take them days to text back.

With a crush, everything is so much easier!

They Make Plans With You

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

Friends make plans with each other. But if it feels as though this person is going out of their way to make more plans than usual with you, it’s a sign that they want more than just friendship.

They’ll ask to meet at the weekend, and if you can’t make it, they’ll ask for next weekend. Can’t make that either? They’ll persist and ask when’s a good time for you.

This kind of enthusiasm to see you only comes from best friends, close friends, someone you’ve not seen for ages, a partner … and a crush.

If they want to spend an unusual amount of time with you, they’re crushing on you.

Watch out for this one, though: If you don’t want to get sucked into spending so much time with them that you start to feel suffocated, let them know your boundaries as soon as possible.

They Always Look Good

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

Every time you see them, they look their best.

You start to wonder:

“Do they always make such an effort to look good? Is this what they wear to the gym?”

Nope! A crush makes the effort for you.

After all, why would they want you to see them looking second best? They want to present the best version of themselves to you at all times so that you’ll notice their effort, as well as how smart they look.

Try asking if they want to meet within 5 minutes. They’ll tell you to give them 30. Why? Because they’ve gotta get ready!

Naturally, if someone wasn’t crushing on you they wouldn’t care what they looked like.

They Show Concern

Wouldn’t it be, like, really nice from time to time if someone was to show some concern about our welfare?

You know, if someone was to text us to ask how we’re feeling after we told them we had a rough week.

Or if someone was to message us on Facebook after we made a status about how rubbish we’re feeling.

Even if someone was to text us to check up on us after an illness – that would be great, too.

If someone does check up on you who isn’t your closest friend but who has otherwise been displaying over signs that they like you, showing concern for your welfare is another big sign that they’re crushing on you.

That said, if showing concern is the only sign – don’t read too much into it. They’re probably just a genuinely nice person who’s concerned. But if they show concern and they do other stuff, such as text you randomly and write on your Facebook wall, there’s a good chance they like you.

They Get Nervous Around You

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

“What is up with this person today?” you ask as they fidget when they’re in your company. Their voice cracks, they can’t make eye contact and they start to mumble.

And why have they gone all red, AND IS THAT SWEAT ON THEIR FOREHEAD?


All these are signs that they’re in the presence of their crush – you – and they can’t contain themselves. They’re nervous because they want to make a good impression on you.

Aww. It’s kinda sweet in a way.

Even the sweat bit.

Okay, maybe not the sweat bit.

They Go Out Of Their Way To See You

how to tell if someone has a crush on you

Wait, weren’t they meant to be busy this weekend? They sure were. So how come they responded to your shout-out on Facebook for a cinema buddy on Saturday?

It’s because they’re crushing on you, d’uh.

If a person has a crush on someone, they’re not going to let silly things like “plans” get in the way. If they’re free, they’re going to drop stuff and come and see you.

Unless they’ve got flights booked to Australia.

But even then there’s a chance they might cancel their plans. After all, who really needs to see another kangaroo, right?

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