How To Tell If A Guy Is Worthy Of Your Trust?

Trust is kind of a big deal. Scratch that – it’s a HUGE deal.

Before we get into a relationship with a guy, we have to be able to trust him. In this article, Beauty and Tips gives you the lowdown on how to tell if a guy is worthy of your trust.

Trust is a tricky thing. When a guy asks you, “don’t you trust me?” you feel bad for not trusting him. After all, why wouldn’t you trust him? The thing is that trust is something that must be earned. It’s not something that should just come immediately. It would be downright foolish to trust a guy who’s just walked into our lives, merely because he’s handsome and charming.

A man has to earn your trust, largely through sincere actions. And if you’ve been hurt before, you’ll naturally be even more guarded and he’ll have to work even harder.

Let’s take a look at how to tell if a guy is worthy of your trust.

He’s Willing To Talk About Everything

You know who’s not worth your trust? The evasive guy who doesn’t seem to want to talk about certain subjects. You bring up his past, and he changes the subject. You try to talk about the future, and he becomes the master of deflection.

A man who is open and willing to discuss things with you and communicate like an adult about everything is a man who is giving you reasons to trust him. He’s got no secrets, he’s an open book that you can read without resorting to a translator.

Anyone who has things to hide will have made their minds up that certain subjects are off-topic.

He Makes Good On His Actions

A guy who constantly lets you down, who always says one thing and then does another, is clearly not worth your trust.

But a guy who always makes good on his actions? Who says he’ll be there at 8PM and turns up on time? Who says he’ll clear his schedule for you this weekend and does so? He’s a guy who’s worth putting your trust in. He’s not going to let you down, at least not if he can darn well help it.

He Looks You In The Eye

A man who looks you in the eye when talking to you is not only incredibly sexy – he’s also super trustworthy.

Just picture a guy talking to you about something serious, but being unable to look you in the eyes while doing so. It hardly makes you trust him, does it? It suggests that he’s hiding something, and doesn’t want you to find it.

A man you can trust is a man who has eyes for you only.

He Doesn’t Lie

Once a guy tells a lie to you and gets caught out, that’s usually it. There’s no coming back for him. He’s already abused your trust, and you’ll find it hard to believe anything he says from now on.

A guy who is worth your trust is an honest man who – as far as you can tell at least – has never told you a lie or tried to deceive you in any way. He’s always upfront about everything, including the difficult stuff he knows you don’t like hearing.

He Trusts You

A man who can’t be trusted generally has a hard time trusting others. Therefore, he’ll have his guard up at all times so that you can’t catch him out. He isn’t going to trust you with his life, because his life is a sham.

If a man puts his faith in you, he’s laying all his cards on the table. He’s saying to you, “this is who I am, this is what I’ve got. I trust you won’t let me down.”

If a man shows that he’s ready to trust you, you could reciprocate and show him that the trust is mutual.

You Don’t Need To Chase Him

If it feels as though you’re constantly chasing a guy, you should give up now. The chances are that he doesn’t even want to be caught, and he’s certainly not worth your trust.

He Doesn’t Flirt With Other Women

You know it’s a bad sign when the man you’re with flirts with other women.

And he doesn’t even do it discreetly – he does it openly, as though he actually wants you to see him.

And his excuse is so typical:

“What? That wasn’t flirting! I was just chatting.”

No. It was flirting, you big flirt.

If a guy really loves you and is worth your trust, he won’t flirt with other women. The last thing he wants is to make sure anxious and unsure about him. He wants opportunities to prove that he’s trust worthy, such as being in the company of other women. And he’s going to win your approval by talking to them merely as acquaintances.

He’s Always There For You

Is your man always there for you when you need him? Can you talk to him on the phone about embarrassing stuff without feeling uncomfortable? Does he reassure you, make you feel warm and loved?

If so, these are all strong signs that he’s worth your trust.

He’s Introduced You To His Friends And Family

If it’s been a while and a guy still hasn’t introduced you to his friends and family, so you should probably take this as a big fat red flag that he’s got a few secrets up his sleeve.

If, however, he introduced you to them early on with lots of enthusiasm, it’s a surefire sign that he’s worth your trust.

Your Friends And Family Like Him

It’s really easy to react badly whenever a friend or a family member tell us they don’t like the new man in our life.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” we snarl.

The thing is, though, that they kinda do know what they’re talking about. They see the things we can’t see, and their judgement – provided they have our best interests at heart and not their own – is usually impeccable.

So if your friends and family like the guy and believe he’s 100% worth your trust, you should take this is a very positive sign indeed.

Do you have other tips about trust in a relationship?

Stay happy!

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