10 Tips on how to survive a breakup and feel like a better person

Heartbreak is one of the most difficult things people have to go through. The feelings of hurt, rejection and betrayal can be all consuming and it might feel like you will never get over it. The reality is, though, that anyone can cope with a breakup, it’s only how you deal with it that really counts. Don’t let heartbreak get the better of you, read these ten tips on how you can survive a break up and even come out of the experience a better person.

1. Allow yourself to cry and release the pain

You need to release the pain and the hurt, so don’t be afraid to cry. It’s healthy to let your emotions out and it will help to heal the pain faster, if you do.

2. Don’t drag out the grieving though

Another tip on how to survive a breakup is to avoid dragging out the grieving. While it’s good to release the emotion and accept the sadness for a while, it’s not so good to be grieving for too long. Don’t sit in a darkened room playing sad music for weeks on end, you will have to make a conscious decision that you’re done with being sad at some point and force yourself to move on.

3. Keep busy

Our next tip on how to survive a breakup is to keep busy. Crying all done; it’s now time to get on with life again. The pain won’t go away immediately, but the sooner you get busy again, the sooner it will fade. Put all your effort into your job, decorating a room at home or your hobby, and it will take your mind off things, as well as remind you that there are still other good things in life.

4. Get support from other people

Don’t be afraid to talk to other people about how you feel. Everyone’s been through the same thing before and talking out your feelings with close friends can help you get things off your chest. They might even have some advice for you that will help you get through this difficult time.

5. Don’t jump straight back into another relationship

You are going to need time to heal, so our next tip on how to survive a breakup is not to jump straight into another relationship, on the rebound. Don’t try and fill the gap left by the breakup, enjoy being single for a while, and wait until you really do meet the right person.

6. Stay away from the ex

Avoiding meetings with your ex is another important tip on how to survive a breakup. What’s done is done, so make a clean a break of it and steer well clear of the ex. No checking him out on Facebook and no thoughts of reconciliation. At this point in time, you need your own space to get your head straight, and that’s not going to happen if you keep in touch with your ex.

8. Don’t make any rash decisions

Now is not the time for an instant career change or moving to a new town! A complete change might seem like a good way to make a new start, but in the frame of mind you are, after a breakup, you might not be taking a decision like this for the right and logical reasons.

9. Learn from the experience

Next useful tip on how to survive a breakup is to learn from the experience. Every relationship teaches us new things; we learn more about people and we learn more about ourselves. Don’t think of a relationship that ended as a failure, just think of it as an experience, one small chapter in the big book that is your life. What you have learned from this relationship, you can take to the next, and that will probably make things even more wonderful the next time.

10. Now embark on new adventures

Once you have given yourself time to grieve and are no longer feeling so emotional about the breakup, you can start to plan for your new future. You are a free agent now, so the world is your oyster. That episode is done and dusted, so what are you going to do next?

Do you have other tips on how to survive a breakup and feel like a better person?

Stay happy!

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