How To Stop Drama, End Toxic Relationships And Start Being Yourself Again?

If you literally can’t turn one way or another in your life without walking into drama, it’s time to find ways of ending your toxic relationship. In this article, Beauty and Tips is on hand to help with actionable tips that help you to be yourself again.

Some of us have had a relationship that started really well and ended horrendously. Things were going smoothly, but then all of a sudden the relationship hit a few snags. Things got a bit bumpy. “It’s fine,” we told ourselves. “All relationships hit a bump at some point. We wouldn’t be human if there were no conflicts!” But what if the relationship didn’t get back on track. Not properly. It got back on track a little, but then it derailed again. It kept happening. Each time it derailed, things got messier, and it was harder to return to normal. Things eventually turned sour. They turned so sour that, one day, you realised that you were no longer enjoying the relationship anymore. All the positivity and the laughs had gone. You can’t even remember the last time you laughed with your partner! You’ve tried to make a few jokes and raise a smile, but the other person wasn’t having it. They just wanted to be negative and cause drama. It was making you exhausted.  Things got so bad that literally anything you said would cause drama. Indeed, it looked as though the other person was intentionally looking for any excuse to start a fight. No longer were you happy. You were miserable. The relationship, which should be the best thing in your life, was turning you toxic. You’d lost your positivity, and you were starting to hurt others. Does any of this sound familiar? Perhaps you’re going through it right now. If so, it’s time to find a way of ending the drama for good, and cutting ties with those who are bringing you down. Let’s take a look at how to stop drama, end toxic relationships, and start being yourself again.

Accept That You Need To Let Go

Accepting that you need to let go is the hardest part. If it wasn’t so hard to do, you would have done it by now. It’s hard to do especially if you’re still in love. You remember the good times you two had. You remember how great things were between the two of you. You want it back and still believe it’s possible. But there comes a time when you need to finally accept that you have to let it go for the sake of your own happiness. Things come to an end. People change. If things have shown no signs of improving in your relationship for some time now, you need to accept that it’s now time to move on. Find the strength within you to walk away. Picture how happier you’ll feel if you leave. You’ll be like your old, genuine self again.

Have The Self-Respect To Admit You Deserve Better

If we continue to play out the toxic melodrama we’ve got ourselves entangled in, do we really have self-respect? Surely, if we respected ourselves enough, we would have left the relationship a long time ago. Self-respect means that you respect yourself enough to avoid things that demean you. It means that, if you have the power to leave a situation that is damaging you mentally and physically, you walk away and leave it. Ask yourself how much you respect yourself. If you truly and honestly respect your right to be happy, you will end the poisonous relationship and find happiness again.

Stop Living In Denial

If someone tells you that you need to get out of your relationship because it’s bad for you, how do you respond? Do you admit that, Yeah, this relationship is pretty bad and you need to walk away? Or do you argue that it’s “not that bad,” and that other people are in far worse situations? Moreover, “there are good days, too.” If everyone else can see how bad things are, it’s time that you stopped making excuses to leave. Stop denying what’s going on. Stop finding the diamonds among all the rubble, and admit that the relationship is doing you more harm than good. Look at what’s in front of your eyes.

Hang Out With Positive People

It can be hard to end a toxic relationship when all our relationships are toxic. It’s not as simple as meeting up with any old friend to help you get away from the drama. You have to start hanging out with positive people who make you realise just bad things have come. Toxicity breeds toxicity. Negativity breeds negativity. Your life might have become so infected with the bad stuff that you can no longer see the woods from the trees. In other words, your life is so full of bad vibes that it’s become the norm. You think this is how life is supposed to be, so you just accept it. To get a fresh perspective on life, and to rediscover what joy actually is, hang out with positive people. Soak up some happier vibes. Feed off their enthusiasm. Realise that life doesn’t have to be lived in a black cloud of negativity, where a storm is never far away.

Write Down What You Wanted From This Relationship

Relationships change us, for better or for worse. If you’re in a toxic relationship, it’s highly likely that you’ve changed for the worse. Moreover, what you’re getting out of it isn’t what you’d planned. Take some time to write down what you wanted from this – or indeed any – relationship. Write down what kind of person you were at the start of the relationship, and what kind of person you are now. Write down how you pictured this relationship panning out when you first got together. Does its current state of affairs look anything like that vision? Write down what you thought the relationship would add to your life. Then write down what it’s actually added. Take stock of it all. Has it made you a better or a worse person? Do you like who you are now? Has this relationship been anything like you dreamed it would be? If not, it’s time to start putting yourself first and finding someone who’s values and idea of what a relationship is supposed to be matches yours.

Stay happy!

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