How To Stay Positive While Waiting For The Perfect Man?

Ah, if only real life was like a fairy tale romance? As soon as you turn twenty-one, you’d be swept off your feet by a Prince Charming, before living happily ever after in a nice home with a few children – and maybe even a fairy godmother if you’re lucky.

Unfortunately, real life is very different. Mr Wrong constantly pops in and out of lives, as does Mr Lazy and Mr Needy. Real life is stressful and, as we get older, it can make us worry that we’ll never meet the perfect man.

Waiting around for anything is not easy. Whether you’re waiting for results from the hospital or for a delayed flight to finally take off, it’s easy to feel anxious. Waiting for the perfect man to come along is a bit different, because you’re never sure that he ever is going to turn up.

It’s important that you stay upbeat. Here are a few ways to stay positive while waiting for the perfect man.

Accept Reality

Unfortunately, the reality is that the perfect man doesn’t come along straight away. And, yes, sometimes reality sucks. But if you’re not going to let yourself get too down about this, it’s important that you accept reality and ride with it.

Movies and books might show you that true love exists. And it does. But the way it’s presented in fiction is very different to what it’s like in reality. And it’s therefore so important that you stop comparing your life with fiction and accept the reality.

Trust That Things Will Work Out

As hard as it is to trust that things will work out when nothing is going to plan, this is something that you really need to do. Sometimes, things don’t go our way. But remember, sometimes they do. It’s just the ebb and flow of the cosmos, and just like a tree is not in season during the winter, life doesn’t always look so rosy. But sometimes it really does.

Just because you can’t eat the fruit from the tree just yet doesn’t mean you always won’t. Trust that eventually things will get better and that your man will come to you.

Get Busy

For some singletons who are desperate to meet the man of their dreams, the dating world consumes their whole life. They check their dating profiles at work, log on immediately in the morning and before bed, and generally can’t get it out of their heads.

This does not help you to stay positive, especially when Mr Cool is ignoring your messages but Mr Slacker is sending you a million.

You should limit the amount of time you spend on dating. Let it be a part of your life but not all of it. Go to work and don’t check for messages. Hang out with your friends and don’t check your phone. Take walks outside, go to the gym and do positive things.

Be Patient

It’s hard to be patient when we want the whole world and everything in it right now. But gluttons who want to have their cake and eat it often lose out in the long run. They rush into things and find that what they got wasn’t even all that great.

Waiting is not some divine punishment handed out by the gods. Instead, it’s a chance for you to be patient and prepare in the right way for when the right man comes along.

Think Outside The Box

Do you always date the same kind of man because they’re your “type”? Perhaps you always go to the same places to meet people? Maybe you always wear the same clothes, too?

It’s time to start thinking outside the box and trying something different.

Einstein said that insanity is when we keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. It’s the same with dating. If you keep going to the same places and dating the same kind of man over and over again, the results are not going to change. YOU need to change.

Expand Your Community

Sure, you want to meet  a man right now. But in the meantime, why not use some of your time to just expand your community?

It’s easy to forget about out friends when we’re heavily involved in the dating world. They get put on the back burner while we chase guy after guy. But you need your friends in your life to help you stay sane and relaxed during the difficult times.

See your friends and make new ones. Go volunteering, take up a new class. Realise that not every situation has to be a pressure one where you come out disappointed because you didn’t meet the guy of your dreams.

Take Time Out

Earlier, I said that you should let dating becoming a part of your life but not all of it. Sometimes, you even need to leave the dating world altogether in order to recharge your batteries.

Dating can be really overwhelming, especially after a few bad experiences. If you go into it expecting Prince Charming to send you an inbox immediately, you’ll be setting yourself up for major disappointment.

If you do take time out from dating, use it to pamper yourself. Take some time off work, go travelling, discover a new hobby. Do things that make you happy and take you away from the sofa, where you sit twiddling your thumbs until someone messages you.

Get Creative

When we’re focused on finding Mr Right, we often devote all our time and energy to it. As such, we lose sight of the things that really matter to us, such as our ability to create and make something magical.

While you’re waiting for the perfect man, it’s important that you feel good in yourself so that when he comes along, you’re positive and ready for him. Making something creative is a grew way to do this. It excites your mind, and makes you feel good about yourself and your talents.

Stay happy!

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