How To Recognise Your Soulmate?

If the one you were meant to be with came into your life, would you even recognise them? In this article, we take a look at how to recognise your soulmate.

The idea of a soulmate sounds rooted in mythology, but anyone who grew up watching Disney movies surely wanted the idea of a soulmate to be real – and it is. People have different definitions for soulmate. Some truly believe that a soulmate is guided to us by God, while others think a soulmate is simply someone who happens to “get” us better than anyone else. However you define a soulmate exactly, what’s clear is that a soulmate is someone you can see yourself spending your entire life with. But while many of us spend most of our time worrying if we have a soulmate, what’s surely more troubling is that we might meet our soulmate and not even realise it. Fortunately, there are clues that let you know whether someone is only meant to enter your life fleetingly and whether they’re meant to complete it. Let’s take a look at how to recognise your soulmate.

You’re Best Friends

Sometimes, you’re friends with your soulmate first before getting together with them. Sometimes, you’re even best friends. Can your soulmate also be your best friend? Absolutely! In fact, that’s exactly how it should be. Your partner should be more than your partner – they should also be your very best friend who you can confide in about anything. A lot of people don’t get this. But a soulmate doesn’t even need to be someone you’re romantically involved with at this point. It could just be someone who you’re the best of friends with. If you have a strong, unbreakable bond with your best friend and you’re both single, consider if romance is on the cards.

They Share Your Values

How to recognise your soulmate? A soulmate must share your values. If you prioritise family, health and happiness and they do too, it’s another sign that you’ve met the One.

You Have A Shared Vision Of The Future

Someone isn’t your soulmate if their vision of the future is totally different to yours. Sharing short-term plans for the week is just fine for a fling. But if someone is your soulmate, their life goals must align with yours. Not only this, but you should be able to picture them in your future without any complications or hang-ups. Does the thought that they’re going to be a key part of your future excite you, or does it make you uncomfortable? If you go to bed at night dreaming wistfully of a future with them, it’s a massive sign that they’re your soulmate.

You’re Prepared To Fight For This

If your Why for being with someone is so strong that you’ll fight to keep hold of them, it’s a big sign that they’re your soulmate. We don’t waste time on those who aren’t the One. Sure, we’ll give them a second chance perhaps, but we won’t fight like our life depended on it to keep hold of them. If something is telling you to fight tooth and nail to hold onto what you’ve got here, there is every chance that this is your soulmate.

You Harmonise

Another tip on how to recognise your soulmate is to notice whether you two harmonise. Weird. He’s just ordered a martini on the rocks – your favourite drink. Hmmm. He’t just asked for peanut butter on his ice cream. You thought only you were that weird! If you harmonise in totally unexpected ways, it’s another clincher that he’s your soulmate.

You Just “Get” Each Other

You know that person who just gets you like no one else ever has? They finish off your sentences, know exactly what music gets you going, and they know how to turn you on. It’s hard to meet people like this. So often we make friends who get us – but not quite enough. Then along comes our soul mate who gets us more than anyone else ever has. If your partner is on the same level as you, knows exactly what you like and is dislike, understands your quirks, needs and wants, and is as weird as you, it’s a hint on how to recognise your soulmate.

You Love Their Flaws

Everyone has flaws. But while some people have flaws that we don’t need to put up with, our soulmate has flaws that we’re not only willing to tolerate – we’re also falling in love with. Indeed, flaws are what we fall in love with. A person is perfect to us, but their flaws, the things they hate about themselves? We love them! People don’t tend to fall in love with absolute perfection. We take a person with all their blemishes, their mistakes, their errors of judgement and their odd quirks. And we fall in love with the whole package.

They Motivate You

Had no motivation to get out of bed in the morning before you met him, but now you rise at 6am to chase your dreams? Soulmate’s do this. They spark a fire within us. They give us motivation to achieve something in life. All of a sudden, we want to win for ourselves, but also for them.

They Make You Feel Secure

How to recognise your soulmate? Your partner is the one person who is supposed to make you feel safe and secure. They’re here to protect and guard you, and as long as you’re with them, nothing will go wrong. No one will hurt you. Is this how you feel? Do you have the utmost trust in your partner that they will look after you? Your soulmate is someone who clears up your worries, fears and insecurities. You can go to bed at night knowing they’ve got you.

They Support You No Matter What

There are too many discouragers in life who tell us we can’t do this or that. “People like us weren’t meant to be successful,” they say. Your soulmate, on the other hand, is the all-pervading, unwavering voice of positivity. They’re the ones who tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to. No matter how big or small your dreams are, they’ll always support you.

Do you have other tips on how to recognise your soulmate?

Stay happy!

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