10 Small Acts That Will Make Your Partner Feel Loved And Cherished

In a relationship, you should never skip the small acts. But how many of us are so focused on the big gestures that we totally forget the small stuff?

There is a big distinction in any relationship between a partner who pays plenty of attention to detail, and a partner who only makes time for the grand surprises. They’ll shower their partner with extravagant gifs after work, but they’ll forget the small but important stuff, such as asking how their partner was after a rough day.

Attention to details is key if a relationship is to be successful. If you’re the type of person who is only there for the exciting stuff but go missing when it comes to the things that say so much so subtly, your partner might start to think that they can’t trust you. They need you there for all of it. Sure, a huge gift is nice. But they want you to do things just because you love them, even when there is no occasion involved.

Let’s take a look at 10 small acts that will make your partner feel loved and cherished.

Write Them A Love Note

You’re in a (presumably) long-term relationship. You live with your partner (presumably). You don’t need to write love notes, right? Love notes are for kids, or people who live thousands of miles away.

If you think you don’t have to write love notes just because you’re actively in a relationship with someone, you really do need to do some work on your romantic side. Love notes don’t have to be six pages of A4 that are rich in poetry and lines like “my heart beateth a thousand notes each time I hear your voice.’’ Instead, they can be small notes, such as “I miss you” that you out for your partner.

Try it. Before work tomorrow, write out a small love note for your partner and leave it on the table before you go to work.

Create Goals Together

Especially if you’ve both been focusing on individual goals recently, both at work and in your social and personal lives (such as losing weight), why not get together and work on some common goals?

Tell Them Why You Love Them

Hearing “I love you” from our partner for the first time is an amazing feeling. Eventually, though, those three words get overused to the point where they almost lose all their power and meaning.

To make your partner feel really loved, you need to be more specific. Tell them why you love them and what you enjoy doing with them so much.

Listen To Them

Listening to your partner is a small but significant act that will make them feel loved and wanted.

I’m including this one because not enough people in relationships properly listen to their other half. They might give them a few seconds to talk before interjecting because “NO, YOU ARE SO WRONG.”

Stop interrupting. Give them space to say what they want to say to you. And when they’ve got something really important to talk to you about, put down your phone and give them your full attention.

Moreover, when they tell you to stop doing something they don’t like, listen and stop doing it immediately. If you created a nickname for them but they don’t like it, stop using it.

Always Pay Him Special Attention

Guys hate to feel as though they’re just another ordinary guy in your life. But if you scrimp the small stuff, this is exactly how he will feel.

Pay him special attention to make him feel special.

Learn From Your Mistakes

This is a small act that many of us overlook – the power of learning from our mistakes.

If you have done something that hurts your partner, it’s important that you quickly identify this and make changes. It isn’t difficult!

Do What They Want You To Do

He asked you to go to the ball game with him a few months ago, but you turned him down. You hate sports, and anyway it’s not like he actually cares if you go with him or not. He was just asking you because he felt like he had to. He was hoping you would say No, and by doing so you were doing him a favour.

But actually, he asked you because he really wanted you to go with him. Perhaps that’s why he’s since asked you again. He knows you’re sceptical but he wants to show you a part of his world.

Remember that a relationship is built on compromise. Sometimes we have to do the things we’d rather not do. It’s sweet that he wants to involve you in the things he likes doing. Say Yes to him now and then.

Give Them Your Love Even When You Feel Stressed

We all have our bad days. But just like we cannot show our emotions in the workplace, we should also not let them spill out in front of our partner.

It isn’t their fault we feel so stressed and overwhelmed right now. Instead of letting them bear the brunt of your frustrations, always put on a happy face for them. Hug them, show that they give you strength during the tough times.

Text Him More Often

“You didn’t text much today,” he says sadly at night.

“I was busy,” you explain before turning over a page in your book.

We’re all busy. But are you really so busy that you can’t send him a simple text during the day that lets him know you’re thinking about him?

You’ve got the time to text him nice thoughts, so do it. And if you ever thought he’s not going to appreciate a short “I miss you text”, think again. It’s a small, easy-to-do act that will make him feel amazing. He’ll know you love him.

Keep Your Promises

Reliable people are boring, aren’t they? They’re like a Volvo: safe, but uninteresting. You always know what you’re going to get. Unpredictability is far more fun.

Actually, as much as we get excited by unpredictability, it’s far better to be reliable in a relationship. If you’re not reliable, you’re unreliable. And who wants that?

If you make a promise to your partner, don’t think for one minute that he won’t mind if you don’t make good on it. Of course he will! Not only does he want consistency from you, he also wants to be with someone who clearly respects and loves him so much that they will make the effort to make good on their promises.

Stay happy and healthy!

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