How to make the most of being alone?

Whether you are alone because your partner is away for a while, or you are single and living on your own, living with just yourself for company, needn’t be a time for sadness and regret, it can be a time to relish and enjoy. Some people are perfectly happy living on their own and they choose to be that way because there are some distinct benefits to not having to think about anyone else. If you do find yourself alone, you could sit around feeling sorry for yourself, or you could get up and make the most of it. Here are ten ways that you can not only get through a period of being on your own, but actually come to enjoy the experience as well.

1. Understand that you are not really alone

Though it may feel like when your loved ones are not around, you are not really alone and there are still plenty of people who love you and care about you. If you are not used to being alone, then it can feel quite depressing not having people around you, but that doesn’t mean that they have stopped caring about you, just because they can’t be with you.

2. Realise that you can make it all by yourself

The other mental adjustment that you have to make, when you find yourself alone, is that you need to realise that you are perfectly capable of surviving without other people to help you. Once you get used the idea and you get into a routine, you will be quite surprised at how easy it is to get things all by yourself. For many people, a time on their own is quite an eye opener, because it reminds them that they can survive without anyone else’s help.

3. Don’t squander the time

You will have to practice some self-discipline though, because with no one else around, it’s easy to let yourself go and squander away the time doing absolutely nothing. Don’t fall into the trap of getting up at lunchtime and then watching TV all day long. Set yourself a routine of getting up early, getting dressed and cleaned up and then schedule your day with productive things to do.

4. Keep your home clean and tidy

Just because no one else can see it, that’s no excuse to let your home get into a mess. Even the tidiest person in the world can be tempted to let things go a bit when they are alone, but the mess you create by leaving the dishes unwashed and not cleaning up after yourself will eventually get you down, so keep things as clean and tidy as you would do if there were other people around.

5. Look for the happiness that is all around you

You can find a lot of happiness by just looking around you, every single day. If you feel a bit down and lonely, take a walk out in the fresh air. Look at the birds, the sun and the trees and really take it all in. Or, if you prefer, sit in a coffee shop for a while and indulge in a bit of people watching. Being alone gives you the luxury of being able to spend time just looking, so make the most of it while you can.

6. Try new things

When there is no one else around, you have the opportunity to explore new hobbies and it’s the perfect time to get a bit creative. You can learn new things, brush up on your cookery skills, or start a correspondence course that could lead you to a new career.  You will have more time on your hands, so now is the time to think about the future too. Perhaps this will be the start of a whole new life for you.

7. Learn how to love yourself

You can also take the time to discover more about yourself and learn how to love yourself more. When you stop having to try to please other people all the time, you will soon realize that you are a pretty special person too and you will learn to appreciate yourself more.

8. Find your passion

If there are things that you’ve always dreamed of doing, but have never had enough time to do them, then now is the time to do something about those dreams. Now that you don’t have to fit in around other people’s plans, you can devote more time to your own passions. If you’re not sure what your passion is, then use this time alone to explore some ideas and find out what you really want to spend your time doing.

9. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying being on your own

If you do find that you enjoy being on your own, then there’s no need to feel guilty about it at all. Being alone reduces stress, clears your mind and makes you even more grateful for the things that you have and the people who you love. A time spent by yourself could even make you a better person, so there is nothing to feel guilty about.

10. Make it a positive experience

Being alone is only a lonely, negative experience if you let it become one. If you take the decision to make it a positive experience, and you make good use of your time, it could become one of the most productive times of your life.

Stay happy!

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