How To Learn To Love Yourself? 10 Tips On How To Start Loving The Way You Look

We’ve all looked into the mirror and hated what we’ve seen staring back at some time or another. If it’s not the dark circles around our eyes that are prompting us to cancel seeing anyone today, it’s the straw-like hair that is making us cancel seeing anyone ever again.

But for some of us, hating the way we look is a bit of an obsession. No matter how hard we try, we just cannot warm to our reflection in the mirror. We take selfies of ourselves – from millions of different angles – just to see what we look like, and grimace when we see what is staring back at us. It just looks nothing like Angelina Jolie. Sigh.

But hating yourself is a downward spiral, where self-esteem is at a premium. It’s time to get your confidence back and start loving the way you look. So let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to learn to love yourself, as well as your appearance.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

First and one of the most important tips on how to learn to love yourself and love the way you look is to stop comparing yourself to others. As ladies, we can become a little bit obsessed with our body image. We flick through celebrity magazines, and see dazzling snaps of gorgeous women with legs to die for. We go to work and admire our colleague’s curves and wish we could look like that. Then we return home and frown in front of the mirror.

It is these comparisons that get you down and cause you to hate the way you look. It’s time to stop comparing your body to others, and instead focuse on what assets you have.

2. Thank Your Body 

Next good tip on how to learn to love yourself and your appearance is to take a look at your body and be grateful for what it can do for you.

If you’ve got two legs and can walk and run without any hassle, be thankful.

If you’ve got two arms and can lift and carry groceries, be thankful.

If you’ve got a perfectly straight spine that gives you no pain, be thankful.

Many of us simply don’t appreciate what we’ve got until we see how difficult others have got it. It’s time that you started loving your well-functioning body and focused on the things you need to be grateful for.

3. Talk About Something Else

The more you talk to your friends about your appearance, the more you will dwell on your faults and flaws.

The problem is that it can be very easy to get talking about our appearance with our friends, because it’s often the one thing that is on our minds the most. We think about it often, and when we get together with our friends for a coffee and a chat, we simply have to talk about it.

It’s time to change the subject and talk about something else. Kids, careers, movies, music … anything!

Except appearances.

4. Stop Looking In The Mirror

Ever had a really bad sore throat? Bet you kept swallowing more frequently to “check if it’s better yet”, didn’t you? We all do that.

But constantly checking to see whether that pesky sore throat has gone yet will only exacerbate your misery. Likewise, constantly checking yourself in the mirror will only make you perpetually disheartened.

It’s time to stop looking in the mirror. It’s time to refocus on something else, because no matter how many times you check yourself out, you won’t look any different! You could try this angle, that angle, and you could even try a car window, but guess what? You’ll still look the same! Appreciate what you’ve got!

5. Respect Your Body

Next tip on how to learn to love yourself and your appearance is to start respecting your body. Your body really is an amazing thing. Your skin replaces itself each month, whilst your stomach lining changes every five days. Your skeleton once every three months.

Your body can heal the most dangerous wound, and it can even recover from cancer. It can help you win an Olympic medal, and it can keep you ticking until you are over 100 years-old.

It’s an incredible thing that deserves respect. Rather than focus on what it’s showing you in the mirror, why not ‘bow down’ to its superiority?

Just don’t bow too often, otherwise it might develop an ego!

6. Create A List Of People You Admire The Most

Who do you look up to in this world? Create a list.

Your list could contain world leaders, your parents, siblings, friends, strangers you only ever met once … anyone you can think of.

Now, think about these people: did their appearance contribute to their success? Did it make them better people? Did Mother Theresa inspire millions of us because of her good looks? No!

7. Be Realistic

Ever skimmed through a magazine and got disheartened whenever you saw a photo of a glamorous model looking beautiful? Did you think to yourself, “I wish I looked like that”?

We’ve all done this, but it’s an unhealthy habit.

More importantly, these images aren’t real. The models have to sit through hours of makeup routines before they’re thrust in front of a camera. What they look like in everyday life is very different to what they look like in a magazine. They’re just ordinary women like you and I, with the same blemishes, faults and fears.

8. Dress Properly

Another great tip on how to learn to love yourself and the way you look is to chose the right kind of clothes. It’s very easy to hold onto the old swimsuits we could fit into five years ago, but if we no longer fit them, they’re just a painful reminder of what we used to look like.

Likewise, squeezing into outfits that just aren’t your size is only going to do more damage mentally. Instead, you need to start wearing the clothes that fit you. These clothes will actually make you feel prettier and more relaxed about who you are, and they will look much better! Remember, you need to work with your body – not fight it.

9. Hang Out With Shiny, Happy People

Hanging out with negative, self-loathing people is not always a good thing. Sure, you might be able to empathise with them, but in the long run their negativity is just going to transfer onto you.

The more they moan about things, the greater encouraged you will be to moan about things too – including your appearance.

Our next tip on how to learn to love yourself and the way you look, is to hang out with positive people who embrace life and all it has to offer.

10. Use Your Time More Productively

Think about the minutes, hours, days you’ve spent worrying about your appearance. All that time could have been better spent doing something productive, such as helping others.

Now is the time to use your hours more wisely. Rather than spending half an hour agonising in front of the mirror over your blemishes, you can put that half an hour to good use by either doing something that helps you, or that helps others.

How to learn to love yourself and the way you look? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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