How to know when to end a long term relationship?

Ending a long term relationship is never easy, for anyone, and it’s a heart-breaking decision that sometimes has to be taken. First, though, you have to know in your heart that it’s right to end it, so here we look at some of the signs that might indicate that it’s time to end a long term relationship.

1. Continuous arguing

One of the first signs that a relationship should be ended is when you find yourselves constantly bickering and fighting. Arguments are a natural part of a healthy relationship, but when you seem to be arguing more often than not, then this is a sign that both of you are no longer even trying to find common ground.

2. Your partner is taking more from you, than they give

People in happy relationships enhance one anther’s lives; your partner should feel like a resource on which you can rely, not a drain on your own resources. Once you have reached the stage that you seem to be keeping the relationship going, solely for the sake of staying together, then you may have reached the stage that you should be reassessing the partnership.

3. You spend more time apart, than you do together

Another sign on how to know when to end a long term relationship is when you spend a lot of time apart. Sometimes couples have to spend time apart because of work or other commitments, but when you find yourself actually wanting to spend time apart, then that is a sign that the relationship is coming to an end. You might even find yourself making excuses to be apart, like going shopping, when you  don’t need to buy anything, or staying over at a friend’s place, when you could have easily driven home.

4. You have just stopped liking each other

Another one of warning signs on how to know when to end a long term relationship is when you have just stopped liking each other. You might still care for a person and maybe even love them, but do you actually like your partner? It sounds like a very basic point to make, but if you look at your partner and you find that you actually no longer like them as a person, then that is another sign that this is no longer a relationship with much of a future.

5. There is no longer any forgiveness in the relationship

People who are truly in love forgive one another their mistakes. When, however, no one is prepared to give way or forgive, then that can only lead to even more arguments and mistrust. Forgiveness is a vital element of a good relationship and, without that, it’s a relationship that won’t last for long.

6. You have started to wonder what life would be like with someone lese

A little harmless flirting can be just for fun, but when you start to seriously wonder if life would be better with another partner, then you have almost reached the decision to end your long term relationship already. Even if you’ve done nothing about it yet, the thoughts are still there and there must be a very good reason for that.

7. There is no real communication anymore

Lack of good communication is another one of obvious signs on how to know when to end a long term relationship. When real communication ends, then the end of the relationship is often not far behind. This sign normally begins in a small way, like not phoning each other or sending texts, when you are apart and then it moves on to not even talking much when you are at home. When you no longer want to talk or communicate in any other way, then you are no longer interested in each other’s lives, and that’s a sign that you shouldn’t be sharing those lives with each other anymore.

8. There is no mutual respect

If you no longer respect each other as individuals, then that is a sure sign that the relationship should end. A relationship doesn’t have to necessarily be awful, to be unhealthy; it can also be that you no longer see things that you admire in each other anymore.

9. There is no affection any more

Lack of genuine affection is another one of warning signs on how to know when to end a long term relationship. Even if you are both going through the motions of the goodnight kiss and the occasional cuddle, you will know when those signs of affection are false. There is a slight coldness to any apparent affection that there may be left and, deep down, you probably both know that it is no longer for real.

10. You’ve given it your best shot, but that was not enough

It usually takes a while for a person to decide to end a long term relationship, and it’s a difficult decision to take. There does come a time, though, when you just know that, whatever you try, it will never be the same as it once was. That’s the time that you probably have to take the tough decision to end a long term relationship, for the benefit of both you, and your partner.

How to know when to end a long term relationship?

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