How To Know The True Personality Of Someone When People Are So Good At Wearing Masks Nowadays?

How do you really get to know a person? How do you know when someone can be trusted and when they can’t? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how you can discover someones true personality in our day and age of masks.

Friendship isn’t something that comes easily. We can’t turn up at a party, get talking to some random person and after five minutes be like “WE’RE FRIENDS NOW, YAY!”

True friendship is something that must be earned. It takes time, effort and commitment to become someone’s friend, and for us to let someone else into our lives. But since so many people wear masks nowadays, how do we really know who we’re welcoming into our lives? How do we know when a person is true and not fake? How do we know they actually like us and aren’t using us? Sometimes, a persons mask slips, and it’s at this point that you can find the clues as to someones real personality. Let’s take a look at how you can spot these clues to reveal someones true self.

Get To Know Them One On One

People who know mainly online, or people we usually only see in groups, are often impossible to know. Online, they present a heavily edited version of themselves, promoting their highlights while keeping all the bad stuff backstage. And in groups? Well, sometimes people just don’t act themselves. The best way to get to know someone is one on one. Ask to see them, just the two of you. Go out for coffee, do stuff with them. Ask questions. Get to know the real them!

Ask Them For A Big Favour

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”  – Marilyn Monroe

The easiest way to find out someones true personality is to ask them for a BIG favour – such as moving house.

“Hey, since we’re hanging out so much these days, you wanna help me move?”

“Um. Um. Um. I’ve just remembered something.


“Um. Um. Um. SOMETHING. ”

A true friend who doesn’t hide behind a mask is there for you whenever you need them. They’re there for the good times, and they’re also there for the rough times. They don’t go missing when things get tough. If they can’t be there for you, they either tell you upfront why they can’t – or they change their schedule and make sure they’ve got your back. The fakers? They’ll hide behind a smile and a cocktail. But watch them go missing once the parties over and their glass is empty.

But When They Need You, It’s Different

They’re never around when you really need them. But when they need you? They expect your help. Like, right now. You know what it’s like. They don’t just ask for your help – they literally beg for it.

“OMG I’d be so happy if you could help me out, I’ll love you forever.”

It doesn’t even matter what’s going on in your life right now or how much pressure you’re under, because they always come first. When things get tricky for them, just wait and see how they react. Are they going to drag you down with them and make you feel bad for not helping them? Or are they going to take some responsibility and figure this out themselves like the rest of us?

Take Them Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Fake people love to stay inside their comfort zones. Outside these zones? They literally can’t cope. An easy way, then, to determine who someone really is and what their character is like is to take them out of their comfort zones. Invite them to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Push them to try something different. If you’ve literally never seen this person do anything that challenges them a little, now is the time to see what they’re really made of!

Notice How They Compliment You

People who are genuinely nice will have no problems giving you a proper compliment:

“You are SUCH a good writer. Keep it up!”

“I love what you did with your nails. Can you help me with mine?”

On the other hand, if they’re actually passive-aggressive and aren’t as happy for you as they seem, their compliments will look more like this:

“Nice writing. Who helped you?”

“I like your nails but it’s a shame that colour is now out of season.”

Pay attention to how they compliment you. Compliments can reveal more than perhaps you realised.

Do They Offer Criticism Or Get Passionate? Or Are They Apathetic? 

Everyone gets annoyed and frustrated from time to time. Okay, we might not get full on angry, but we all definitely get a little bit miffed. If a person is constantly happy and doesn’t seem to get irritated by anything? They’re hiding behind a mask. To find out their true personality, be a bit critical of them and see how they react. You don’t need to go overboard by totally tearing them apart, but offer them some constructive criticism and see how they react. If they flip out and tear into you in response, you can be sure that this whole time they were faking things who have been acting around you to get something they want. If, on the other hand, they take the criticism onboard and accept their mistakes, you can be sure that they’re just passive, calm and non-confrontational by nature.

Ask Around

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with asking other people who know this person how they feel about them. Get in touch with their confidantes and closest friends. Talk to those whom they hang out with most, their friends and family. Ask what makes them tick, what are they like away from social media, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. It pays to ask a few people. The more people you ask, the more accurate the picture will be of who this person really is.

Stay happy!

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