Relationship advice for women: How to know if he loves you?

Men can be closed books, when it comes to their emotions, so if you are unsure if your man has really decided that you are the One or are worried that your own feelings for him may be clouding your judgement, then check out these ten tips on how to know for sure if he loves you or not:

1. The future means more to him, than where he’s going out tomorrow night

For a lot of men, the future means tomorrow or best, next Friday night. So a good tip on how to know if he loves you is – if he’s making plans beyond next week and you are a part of those plans, then there’s a real good chance that this guy is truly in love with you.

2. He does things that he hates, just because he knows that you love them

Has he taken a sudden interest in shopping? If the answer is yes, then it’s unlikely to be because he has suddenly found a passion for makeup and women’s clothing! It’s more likely that it’s because he knows that you want to go shopping and he’d rather grit his teeth and go with you, to make you happy.

3. He confides in you

Another good and clear sign on how to know if he loves you is – if he has opened up to you about his fears and his past. Men don’t like admitting to weaknesses, of any kind, so is he’s happy to talk to you about his, then it means that he trusts you and, for a man, trust goes hand in hand with love.

4. His actions will come easier to him, than words

A man will do anything for the girl he loves, except sometimes, tell her that he loves her. He will show his love by his actions, like going out of his way to help you and putting you before his friends or even his work.

5. He really wants to know all about you

When he loves you, he wants to know everything about you: your past, your family, your friends, your school days and he won’t stop asking questions. He’s not being nosy, it’s just one of those signs that he loves you and he is genuinely interested; he just wants to be a big part of your life now.

6. He lets you get your own way

Another good sign that can help you on how to know if he loves you is his willingness to compromise; it shows that he knows that in a proper relationship, there has to be give and take. It is a sign that he is serious enough about you to do things for the sake of your happiness and not just for him.

7. He makes you feel special

Next tip on how to know if he loves you is when he starts to romance you with flowers, romantic dinners and gifts; that’s his way of showing his love for you. He wants to make you feel special, because you are special to him and that he really cares.

8. His priorities shift

Men have their set routines that they like to keep to, and when they show that they are willing to change their routines to fit around you, then it’s a sign of their commitment to you. He will still want to go out with his own friends, but when he’s willing to skip a night with them to go out with you instead, then you’re fast becoming his number one priority.

9. You’re on his mind all the time

Another sure tip on how to know if he loves you is, if he is thinking of you when you’re not there. If his friends know all about you, before you’ve even met them, then he’s been talking about you and showing off about you. If he calls for you for no reason or to ask your opinion about something, then you can be sure that you are in his thoughts all the time.

10. He genuinely cares about you

He can’t fix everything for you, but if loves you, then he will surely try. The biggest sign on how to know if he loves you is when he asks how your day went, he actually listens to the answer. This means that he meant the question and really does care about the answer, and that’s because he loves and cares about you.

How to know if he loves you? Do you have some other tips to share?

Stay happy!

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