How to know if he is the one?

We all want to find the One. But what happens when you think/OMG hope he is the one? You need to ask yourself some crucial questions that will help you figure out once and for all whether or not you’ve met the love of your life.

Call him the One, Prince Charming, your soulmate, or your very own Harry Styles. Whatever you want to call him, you have a feeling deep down that he might be the man you want to spend the rest of your life with! But still you’re not sure. There are lingering doubts. He’s cute, charming, polite, has amazing eyes and treats you well, but you’re going to be sensible about this one. You’re not going to get carried away again. It’s an exciting time. But as you know, the world of dating and love is full of false alarms and red flags. Perhaps you’ve been here with a guy before, thinking he’s the One only for him to get addicted to shooting zombies on his video game. Then, it was all over between you two. You lost out to zombies! To make sure you cover all the bases and get this one right, here are some tips on how to know if he is the one.

Do You Feel Like This Is Destiny?

Sometimes, it feels as though the stars align for certain key moments in our lives. Have you ever felt that? Think back to how you met your guy. Maybe you just had to be on the same train home as him because you missed the one you were supposed to be on. And maybe you just had to get off at the same stop as him because he was meeting a friend in this town he’d never been to before. And then you had to bump into each other, sending his bag flying before buying him a coffee to apologise. That story is made-up, but it’s the sort of thing that happens often. Soulmate’s have weird and wonderful stories to tell about how they met, and it kinda gives you the impression that this was meant to be. If this is how it feels for you, there is every chance you’ve met your One.

Does He Support You All The Time?

We’re not asking if he supports you now and then. We’re asking if he supports you all the time. In other words, does he back you up when you’ve got a big job interview coming up? Does he encourage you to follow your dreams, no matter how big? Does he always take your side when you’re arguing with a friend, even though at heart he might disagree? Or does he only support you sometimes? Does he pour cold water over your big dreams and discourage you from aiming high?

Does He “Get” You?

How to know if he is the one? See if he gets you. Some guys just don’t get you. Remember the dude who thought you were offending him all the time when really it was just your sense of humour? He still didn’t get it, even after six months! But does your partner get you? Do you guys synch? Do you finish his thoughts? Does he finish your sentences? Do you groove and harmonise and compliment each other like herbs and spices in a dish to create some intense flavours? If so, there is every chance that he is the one, yay!

Do You Feel Jealous

If you feel totally secure and NEVER feel jealousy, guess what? It’s a huge sign that you’ve found the One.

Do You Trust Him?

A soulmate isn’t someone you simply trust to look after your apartment for a few hours. A soulmate is someone you trust with your whole life. This is a big question that demands some reflection. How much do you trust him? Do you just KNOW that he’ll never let you down? Or are there still doubts that he’s going to run away?

Does He Motivate You?

Another tip on how to know if he is the one is to see if he can motivate and support you.

There are some girls who literally need a man to motivate us to achieve something in life. If you’ve been waiting for a man to enter your life and light a fire of passion inside you, the big questions is … has he? Do you now feel motivated to be a better person, to follow your dreams and achieve things in life?

Does He Know Your Secrets?

There are things we won’t tell anyone. Even our mom doesn’t know our deepest anxieties and concerns. But the love of our life does. We feel comfortable telling him everything. We know he’ll support and care for us, not judge, mock or condemn us. Ask yourself if he knows things no one else does, or if you at least feel that you could reveal your secrets to him.

Does He Make You A Priority?

Does he put you first? Or do you always feel like you’re second? When he plans his weekends, does he plan around you? Or are you usually an afterthought, after sports, video games and “the lads”?

Does His Values Align With Yours?

Values are so important. And yet so many of us are unaware of what our values are. Unless you know your values, you will struggle to attract the right man who shares yours, as well as your morals and principles. And shared values are what give a relationship long-term sustainability. So ask yourself how – if at all – his values line up with yours. How do you both react to certain situations? What do you both value the most? If there is a massive discrepancy in your values, there is a chance that he isn’t the One.

Do You Share The Same Goals?

Like values, it’s also really important that you share the same goals. If you don’t, there WILL be arguments. You’ll be pulling in one direction, and he’ll be pulling in quite another. When you share the same goals, you synch up and work together on the same trajectory. It’s perfect.

Do you know other tips on how to know if he is the one?

Stay happy!

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