How to know if a guy loves you?

When you are in a fairly new relationship, your judgment can be clouded by your own emotions and, sometimes, you can become unsure about whether he feels that same way that you do. You can start to wonder if he really loves you, is it just a temporary infatuation, or worse, is he just playing you along. Guys can be hard to read, so if you are unsure how to read your man, here are 9 tips on how to know if a guy loves you.

1. He really is trying to get now you

If he does love you and he’s thinking about a long term relationship, then you will notice that he is keen to learn all there is to learn about you. He will be really keen to find out what makes you tick, what your fears are and what you are looking for in life. When a man starts to ask these deeper types of question, you can be pretty sure that he’s taking the relationship seriously.

2. You are his priority

How to know if a guy loves you? You can tell that he has fallen for you when you are the first choice of whom he wants to be with. You will stop having to fit around his other plans, because he will fit them around you. The day that he asks you if it’s OK for him to spend an evening with his friends, is the day that you know you have become his main priority.

3. He introduces you to all his friends and to his family

You stop being his latest girlfriend and become a serious part of his life when you start being introduced to his close friends and his family. When he lets you into that tight circle of people that he loves and trusts, then that is a sign that he loves and trusts you as well. When he introduces you to his mother, you can be sure that this is not a short term fling for him.

4. He looks you in the eye

Another tip on how to know if a guy loves you is to notice whether he looks you in the eye. Guys get bored easily and when they do, they are pretty useless at hiding it. If a man is not interested in what you are saying, his eyes will start to wander and he will start to fidget. You can tell if a guy is really into you by the way he looks you straight in the eye when he talks to you. That’s both a sign that he wants to know what you have to say and also that he has nothing to hide from you.

5. He calls and texts you

Men don’t do pointless phone calls, unless of course, they are in love. If he phones to ask your opinion on something, or just to see how your day is going, then that is a sign that you are always on his mind. He is starting to see you as an integral part of his life and that wouldn’t happen if he didn’t love you.

6. He likes you being around

Next sign on how to know if a guy loves you is when he seems to be happy with just spending time with you. It doesn’t need to be a special date; it could just be sitting at home, or even doing the shopping. If he loves you, all that will matter to him is being with you and he will be quite happy doing things he hates, so long as he’s doing it with you.

7. He goes out of his way to buy you wonderful gifts

Your birthday won’t be the only day that you receive gifts from a man that loves you; he will buy you gifts on the spur of the moment too. He will put a lot of effort into choosing your gifts, and he will try to make every present that he gives you a really special one. If you mention that you really like something, he will remember that, and surprise you with it on another day.

8. You get a lot of kisses and cuddles

Gentle touches, soft kisses that are not sexual in nature, and holding your hand, are more signs on how to know if a guy loves you. He wants to be close to you and he is letting you know he loves you. He will also become more protective over you and will be watching out for you.

9. He’s more than happy to do things for you

A loving man will also be there for you when you need him. He will rush to your aid if you need him and he wouldn’t give a second thought to dropping whatever he is doing to come to your rescue. If your man drives an hour to come and help you to change a wheel on your car, and he doesn’t even complain about it, then that is a sign that you have a man who loves you.

How to know if a guy loves you?

Stay happy!

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