10 Secrets of couples that stay together the whole life and love each other every day

How to have a happy marriage? Don’t believe all that you read! While divorce rates have never been higher and everyone seems to have several bites at that particular cherry, long lasting relationships are still possible and they can be absolutely incredible. No one should stay in an unhappy or abusive relationship, but neither will things be always perfect; some couples do manage to weather the relationship storms, and here are some of their secrets:

1. They understand that relationships just don’t work by themselves, so they work on their relationship

Relationships don’t work all by themselves, they need caring and nurturing. Couples that stay together for a long time realise that their relationship is important, so they work on it. They certainly don’t walk away at the first sign of trouble.

2. They accept that not all differences can be resolved

Sometimes there will be differences that simply can’t be agreed on. There is no point in wasting energy trying to win these battles, so successful and happy couples agree to differ and make compromises.

3. They are best friends, as well as lovers

Underneath that marriage, those long lasting couples are also best friends. They listen to each other, they support and motivate each other, and they also play and have fun together, as well as loving one another.

4. They grow together. They are each other’s stronghold 

People in long term partnerships give each other the space to do their own thing, but they work together to achieve their individual and common goals. They encourage each other to achieve more and they support each other in their efforts.

5. They value their togetherness and never neglect it

Happy couples do spend quality time together. You cannot form a close bond with someone that you barely see. However busy they are, long term couples make sure that they get quality time together where there is no work and no interruptions. They do things together, they go on weekend breaks together and they never get out of the dating habits.

6. There is no lies or deceit between them; loving and happy partners are always honest with each other

There is always complete honesty between successful couples. They share everything and there are never any deceit or lies, because they know that once that trust has been broken, it is very hard or sometimes impossible to rebuild.

7. There is mutual respect, care, admiration and support between them

Long term couples respect each other for who they are. There is no one dominant member of the team, they respect each other’s opinions and beliefs and they share the chores that need doing.

8. They have quality communication; they value it and invest their time in it

Quite simply, successful couples talk to each other. But they don’t just talk, they listen, and they take note of what each other has said. It is only by proper communication that each of them knows what the other needs and wants and, that’s how both of them can stay happy together for so long.

9. They remain individuals

Long term couples do not become so reliant on each other that they don’t have their own hobbies and interests. Even within a partnership that has lasted for years, they still retain their own individuality.

10. They don’t stop trying to please each other

For a relationship to last, each person must feel good about it. The romance in a long lasting relationship never dies, and he will still buy her flowers and she will cook his favourite meal for him. These small signs of affection and gratitude still mean a lot, even after twenty, thirty or fifty years.

What makes a happy marriage? Do you know some other secrets of happy and successful couples?

Stay happy!

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