How To Fix A Relationship That Is Falling Apart?

All relationships have their ups and downs. As much as we love the highs, we have to admit to ourselves that there will be lows. But while some lows can easily be fixed before the relationship gets back on track, there are some times when things get so bad that it seems as though nothing will heal the fractures.

Fixing a troubled relationship is not easy, and it first of all requires both of you to actually want to repair the damage. After all the exhausting arguments and accusations, it can depressingly feel as though this relationship will never be what it once was.

That isn’t true, of course. Everything can be fixed and nothing is impossible. Fixing a broken relationship requires time, dedication, patience, and it needs both of you to be available. Let’s take a look at a few ways to mend a relationship that is falling apart.

Listen Objectively

How often do you actually listen to your partner? I mean, really and properly listen to them? All too often, many of us are guilty of failing to hear out other half out. Instead of listening with a keen, understanding and objective ear, we constantly interrupt and can’t wait to have our own say.

Listening to each other is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. The more attentively you listen to your partner, the better you will understand them and where they’re coming from.

If, conversely, you always react badly when they say something that triggers a negative response in you, ask yourself why you react like this. Work hard to separate yourself from the anger, and rationalise the situation.

Remember That Nobody Is Perfect

Another good tip on how to fix a relationship is to simply remember that no one is perfect. It’s important to remember this if it feels as though your partner is failing to meet up to your standards right now. They’re human just like you are, and they will make mistakes.

And just like you, they want what is best for this relationship.

Just as much as you want them to change, take a look at yourself to see what YOU can change. Are your values too strict and your expectations too wild?

Take a closer look at yourself an critique where you’ve been going wrong lately.

Be Positive

This is one of the most important tips on how to fix a relationship. Sure, it’s hard to stay positive when a relationship feels as though it’s folding. But negativity breeds more negativity, and if you both remain pessimistic throughout the hard times, the hard times will get even harder.

It’s important that you both reconnect with your positive and traits and values that you had when this relationship started. Think back to how they took your breath away when they called you on the phone, or how happy you were when they returned home from work. Focus on a positive future, and remember that the two of you were once awesome together. Magnify their positive aspects, remember why you fell in love with them, and marginalise all negativity.

Find What Is Missing

Love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship. There must be more to it, such as spending quality time together, making time for one another, sharing interests and passions, sharing pillow talk and gifts, loyalty, trust and respect.

Take a look at your relationship and see what’s missing. Whatever it is, find what’s missing and add it to your relationship.

Tell Them How You Feel

Another tip on how to fix a relationship is to gather the strength to tell your partner how you’re really feeling. Otherwise, the relationship could get worse and worse.

It’s easy to avoid telling our partners how we really feel because we don’t want to be vulnerable. We don’t want to be hurt, embarrassed or feel ashamed for revealing what we are truly feeling inside. Moreover, revealing your honest thoughts and fears means the power dynamic shifts over to them. By opening up, you feel as though you’ve lost power.

But being honest is actually really empowering, and you will both feel a whole lot better once things are out in the open. You might have been acting in a certain way because you were keeping things bottled up, and this could have a damaging impact on your relationship.

Talk About Your Expectations

When you expect something of someone, you begin to create idealised images of them in your mind. And when they feel to meet up to these expectations, it leaves you feeling disappointed – and even bitter and resentful.

It’s important that you talk to your partner about the expectations you have of them in this relationship. Did you expect them to be pulling their weight more? Did you expect them to have got a bette job by now? Did you except them to spend less time with their friends once you moved in together?

Communication is key to a strong relationship. Speak to your partner about what you expect from them.

Remember Why You Got Together In The First Place

One of good tips on how to fix a relationship is to remember the reason why you guys got together in the first place, and you need to remind yourself what it was that first drew you to him. What qualities did you find entrancing? What made him standout from everyone else?

Sometimes, remembering why it was the pair of you hooked up in the first place tightens your bonds by reminding you both that the good times can come around again.

Nip External Influences In The Bud

Often, it is external factors that eat away at a relationship and cause it to break down. For example, if a partner gets addicted to a chat room, the relationship will erode. Likewise, if one of you is working too much, the relationship will struggle.

If there are external influences at play here, it’s important that you highlight what they are and then work together to nip them in the bud.


Lastly, one of the most important tips on how to fix a relationship is to learn the value of forgiveness. If neither of you (or even one of you) knows how to practice forgiveness, you will constantly be stuck in the horrible past. Forgive and move on.

What are your best tips on how to fix a relationship?

Stay happy!

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