10 Reasons To Enjoy Your Singleness If You Didn’t Find Mr Right Just Yet

BREAKING NEWS: You can actually enjoy being single!

Yes, really!

As human beings, we are always looking for ways of fulfilling our lives. We seek adventures, passions, careers – and relationships.

But did you know that, rather than desperately pursuing Mr Right in a bid to fill that particular gaping hole in your life, it’s totally possible to be happy without him?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when Mr Right comes along. But spending all your time hunting him down means that you miss out on all the fun you could be having in the meantime.

Just like there are girls who are in unhappy relationships, there are also girls who are happy being single. If you want to become one of them, here are 10 reasons to enjoy your singleness until Mr Right comes along.

You Don’t Have To Accommodate Anyone

What a relief it is when you can return home after a stressful day to an empty apartment where you can just flop, lounge around and do whatever the heck you want!

Better still, you can head out tonight with the girls without first checking if this is okay with your boyfriend.

You’ve got total freedom and don’t have to accommodate anyone. If you want to pig out on burgers and ice cream tonight, you can. He isn’t around anymore to make sure you stick to the diet you both agreed on.

You’ve got ultimate privacy – so enjoy it! It won’t last forever.

You’ll Have Great Fun At Parties

Sure, you probably had fun at a party when you were in a relationship. But think back to the parties you went to when you were single. You had a lot more fun, right?

Single people have more fun on night’s out. It’s just the way it is. You’re free to talk to whoever you want, and you can do whatever you want, too. There is no one watching over you, no guy texting every 5 minutes to make sure you’re okay, and no reason to feel guilty about anything. You’re a free bird.

You Don’t Have To Deal With Their Friends And Family

Crucial to a strong relationship is the relationship you have with his friends and family. You don’t have to like them, but it’s important that you at least pretend that you do.

And as part of the deal you have to visit his boring sister for her birthday, eat dinner with his mom and dad on a Sunday, and spend saturday afternoon dealing with his best friends’ obnoxious jokes.

When you’re single, none of this is in the contract. In fact, it’s stipulated in huge letters: “THERE SHALT BE NO MORE FRIENDS AND FAMILY GATHERINGS.”

You Can Meet New People

Single people probably spend less time under the sheets with another person, but they get to meet more people and see what is out there.

This means you can use dating apps such as Tinder to play the field, or you could ask your friends if they know any single men you might want to meet up with.

You’re under no pressure to commit to anything. You’re just having some fun seeing who is out there.

You Can Be Lazy

Ladies, how much time do we spend getting ready for a night out with our man? We spend ages doing our eyebrows, applying mascara, conditioning our hair and making sure we wear the right lipstick.

He doesn’t even comment on all our efforts, but we do it anyway to make sure we look good for him.

Now that you’re single, you don’t need to waste quite so much time and energy getting all dolled up all the time. Instead, you can get real lazy with your grooming.

Don’t fancy showering today? Not a problem!

Move Around

I wanted to move to a new city a few years back, but my partner didn’t. For the sake of my relationship, I stayed put.

Relationships can put the brakes on personal dreams. But when you’re single, you can live wherever the heck you want. The choice is yours.

You’ve Got Time To Invest In Yourself

When I was in a committed relationship for three years, I literally had no time to invest in myself. I had to give up my education for the sake of our relationship, and I fell into a really bad career that I hated.

I tried hard not to complain, because my partner was also making sacrifices. But the problem was that, while we were investing in the relationship, we weren’t investing in ourselves.

When you’re single, every decision you make can be to the benefit of yourself. You can quit your job if you want in order to refocus on what you really want out of life, and you can return to education without anyone telling you not to.

You’ve got the time on your hands right now to read as many books as you can in order to expand your knowledge base. There will never be a better time than now to invest in yourself.

You Get To See Your Friends

You know what it’s like. When you’re single, you see your friends all the time. In fact, you’re the one creating the group chats on Facebook for cocktail night.

But as soon as you’re in a relationship, you start to ghost the group chats and pretend you dropped your phone in the sink.

Now that you’re single again, you realise what a goof ball you were for ditching your fun-loving friends to spend time cuddling your ex.

Well, now it’s time to see your pals again. Spend as much time with them as you want.

Your Money Is Your Money

It’s nice to treat that someone special in our life. We like buying him gifts and surprising him.

But sometimes it’s a relief when you’re no longer financially tied to someone. All of a sudden, you have more money than you’ve had in a long time. Instead of treating him, you can treat yourself again.

This also means you can spend without feeling guilty or having him remind you about your joint “saving plan.”

Go crazy – treat yourself to some nice things.

You Can Take Your Time

Sometimes, it’s hard to take our time when we’re in a relationship. Especially if he wants to move in with us within 3 months before proposing after 6 months.

But when you’re single, you can take your time. You don’t have to rush to get that promotion because you’ve only got yourself to provide for. You don’t have to save for a big wedding. You can live your life at whatever pace you want. There are no obligations.

Stay happy!

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