10 Helpful Tips For Those Who Are Going Through A Breakup

Breakups are never easy, whether you’re the one who ended it or was on the receiving end of an “It’s Over.” You just want some time to feel sorry for yourself and let your wounds heal.

It doesn’t even matter how long the relationship lasted. Whether you were only with them for two weeks or whether you were with them for five years, they took a part of you and now you’re experiencing a small death.

It isn’t easy. I know from experience. Grieving over a lost love is something we all go through. It steals all our thoughts and we find it hard to even get out of bed in the morning. Everything reminds us of them. It seems as though we’ll never get over this one.

If you’re going through a rough time at the moment in the aftermath of a breakup, here are 10 helpful tips that will help you get through it.

Adopt A Healthy Diet

It’s understandable that we lose our diet when we’re struggling through a breakup. Thanks to the connection between mind and body, our anxiety and sad thoughts affect our nervous system so much that we lose our appetite. Sometimes, we just feel constantly sick. Thinking all the time about the boy we’ve lost, the last thing we want to do is eat.

But eating is super important right now. Even more important is what you eat.

Your body will function even worse if you don’t feed it the right nutrients at this crucial time. Skipping meals or gorging on sugary snacks will only make you feel even worse. Be strong and commit to wholesome meals consisting of vegetables and fruit.

Sleep Lots

A breakup sure takes its toll on our mind and body. But when fail to get a proper night’s sleep, you’re punishing your body even more.

Your body needs sleep to let it heal – and so does your mind. Spending half of the night tossing and turning because you can’t get him out of your head will extend your pain.

I know that it isn’t easy to sleep when you feel this way. When I was in you situation, I kept a bedside journal. Each night, I’d write down my thoughts and anxieties and then I’d mentally “release” them into the night sky. I’d say goodbye to them. Miraculously, it settled me down and I was able to sleep better.

Stay Busy

It’s when we’re sat around doing nothing that anxiety creeps in. It thrives on boredom, and causes our minds to wander into territory that makes us vulnerable and sad.

So while you might not feel like going to the gym or seeing friends or watching a movie, it’s important that you stay busy right now. It’s easier to sit by the phone in the vein hope that he’ll text, but if you’re going to get though this difficult period in your life, it’s essential that you stay busy.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

When I suffered the worse breakup of my life, I truly thought that I would never recover. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and when I did talk to new people I just compared them to him.

“They’re not as good,” I would say.

But then one day, I bumped into an old friend and we started to hang out again. I was inspired by her positivity. She was smiling all the time, and it was infectious. All of a sudden, her lust for life transferred over to me and I felt 100% better.

Hanging out with negative people will exacerbate your feelings. Find positive, happy vibes and follow them around.

Don’t Chase A Rebound

Many of us have tried to mask the pain by chasing an instant replacement. I have. But although the new guy takes your mind off your ex for a few days, you will eventually realise that this was a stupid mistake.

What happens then is you end up hurting the new guy.

Rebounds are temporary band aids. Avoid them.

Stop Obsessing

“What if things had been different.”

“What if I hadn’t texted him so much.”

What if’s are a killer. They drive you crazy because they trick you into thinking that the relationship could have been saved had you done things differently.

But dwelling on the past will affect your present and your future. It’s much better to learn from your mistakes so that you don’t repeat them next time around. Let go of the past, and stop asking “what if”.

Have A Purge

There will be things in your house that remind you of him. These things could include cards, love letters, movies and so on.

As painful as it sounds, it’s best that you get ride of them now for the sake of your sanity. The relationship is over, so there is little point in keeping things around that can trigger you at any moment.

Take Your Time

A common mistake to make during a breakup is to make snap, knee-jerk BIG decisions. For example, you might decide to move towns to get away from him or spend all your savings on a vacation to make yourself feel better.

Take your time and wait. Knee-jerk reactions are usually way off the mark. It’s better to let things simmer down before making any big decisions.

Be Grateful For What You Have

I remember being very moody during my awful break-up. People said to m “but you’ve still got this and that” but I refused to listen. I didn’t care that I had a job, a family and a home. None of it mattered if I didn’t have him.

Then I realised how silly I was being. I realised how truly ungrateful I was being.

Gratitude can turn your life around right now. Spend some time writing down a list of all the things you have in life to be grateful for. These could be the small things – such as a fresh pot of coffee in the morning – or they could be bigger things, such as a home and a car.

Look To The Future

Okay, so they’re not part of your future anymore. But this doesn’t mean you won’t still have an awesome one.

Make plans. Envision what you’ll be doing in a years’ time. Set exciting goals. Give yourself something to look forward to. Make sure that this time next year you’re in a far better position than the one you’re in now.

How to deal with a breakup? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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