How to break up with your boyfriend? 10 Worst ways

Breaking up with someone is something that most of us will have to do at some stage in our lives, and it’s never an easy thing to do. In most cases, you probably don’t actually hate the guy, you just don’t like him in ‘that way’ anymore and that can make telling him even harder. So, what’s a girl to do? Will you sit down with him, face to face, and tell him the news? Or, will you find another way to end the relationship? The best way, of course, is to tell him straight to his face, but a lot of people do choose to find ways of avoiding that, and that only serves to make it worse for him. If you are faced with this dilemma, then here are ten of the worst possible ways you could break up with your boyfriend that please, really, you shouldn’t even consider.

1. Send him a text

Sending a text to tell your boyfriend its over would seem like pretty clean and efficient way to deal the problem but, it would probably be one of the worst ideas you ever had. Imagine if he picks up that text just as he is about to walk into an important meeting at work, or he gets it just as he’s telling his friends what a great girlfriend he has! A text is so impersonal and cold, and he will still want to see you and talk about it anyway.

2. Changing your status on Facebook

One click of the mouse and it’s over! Well, quite apart from the fact that this is another coward’s way out of telling him properly, he might be the last person to see the change. All your shared friends will know that he’s single again, but he won’t have a clue what they are talking about! Tell him before you tell the rest of the world, that’s a much nicer way of doing things.

3. Doing the deed in public

Telling him in a public place is a mistake that many people make too. You might think that he won’t react so badly with other people around, but you’d be completely wrong. He’s going to have exactly the same emotions and questions as if you had done it in private. Only now, you are going to have an audience watching you dump your boyfriend and guess where their sympathies will lie.

4. Hiding from him

Avoiding him won’t be a good way to end it either. All he’s going to do is keep on pestering you until you do pick up the phone or, answer the door. You can’t just end it without saying a word, that’s rude and unfair. He might even tell the police that you’ve gone missing!

5. Telling him all the things that you hate about him

The flip side to telling him nothing at all, would be to tell him everything, and that could be just as bad. He doesn’t need you to give him a list of all his faults and flaws; he’s going to feel bad enough as it is. Be a little bit gentler than that with the guy; you want to split up with him, OK, but not destroy him completely.

6. Cheating on him

Then of course, there is the option to not tell him at all, but start dating someone else anyway. You know that this one is wrong and it’s unfair on both the guys. If you know, in your heart, that the relationship is over, then tell him before you start seeing someone else.

7. Getting someone else to tell him

You really should have the courage to tell your boyfriend that you are breaking up yourself. Asking a friend to do it for you is really cowardly. This is the sort of thing that schoolkids do, not fully grown adults.

8. Being nasty to him until he dumps you

Some people resort to being just plain nasty to their partner in the hope that they will dump them, and that will take the responsibility away from them. You could just withdraw from him and start to criticise everything he does, but the problem is, he may not even get the message, and then you’ll be living in a horrible relationship and you’ll have achieved nothing at all.

9. Pretend that it’s only temporary

A lot of people think that they will let a person down more gently by telling them that it’s only a trial separation. The old “I need some time to myself for a while” doesn’t work, especially, if he later sees you out with another man. All you’re doing with this one is prolonging the agony. It’s far better to get it over with and then he gets a chance to move on too.

10. Tell him you will be just friends

Another way that may seem to be kinder, but will inevitably make things harder for him is to tell him: “We can still be friends”. It will be impossible for him to see you as just a friend, even if you can do it. Don’t play games like this with his emotions, make a clean break. Perhaps someday in the future, you could be friends, but not the day after you broke up with him.

How to break up with your boyfriend nicely? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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