How to Be More Charming and Flirty?

Some girls just have the knack of flirting and they can pull it off without being too obvious, but finding the right balance between flirting that is over the top and being charming can be quite tricky. On the one hand, you want to make sure that he reads your message loud and clear, but on the other hand, you don’t want to give out the wrong impression of yourself. If you want to get a guy’s attention without going too far, here are ten tips on how to be charming and flirty at the same time.

1. Look deep into his eyes

One of the tricks to subtle flirting is to behave almost as though you are already in love with the guy and one thing that lovers do is they look deep into each other’s eyes. You don’t want to make him feel awkward, or make yourself look weird, but when you are talking to someone that you are flirting with, look straight into his eyes and smile as you talk. Deep eye contact is guaranteed to get his heart racing.

2. Play with your hair

For some rather odd reason, men are fascinated by women’s hair, so playing with your hair will always get a guy’s attention. Running your fingers through your hair will show confidence, while tucking your hair behind your ears or playing with the ends looks cute and very feminine. It’s probably one of the most innocent looking types of flirting, but it will always get results.

3. A little touch, here and there

A seemingly innocent touch on the shoulder or on the hand is a good way to indicate that more touching might be ok and that is sure to send the right message to a man. When you do make physical contact with a guy, you will find that he relaxes and opens up to you more. If you keep the touching light and appropriate, it will be another step forward in your charm attack on him.

4. Ask him questions about himself

Turning the conversation around to him can be both charming and flirty, so ask him questions about himself and get him to open up a little bit. You don’t want to turn it into an interrogation or ask him any embarrassing questions, but if you sound genuinely interested in knowing more about him, it will be giving him all the right signs.

5. Tease him, but gently

Another great way to flirt with a guy in a charming way is to make fun of him in a teasing sort of way. Most men are naturally competitive, so a light hearted put down will make him try even harder to impress you. Don’t get personal or rude, though, you don’t want to offend him. If you strike the balance just right and you keep it light hearted, a bit of teasing will make him feel a lot closer to you.

6. Be a real lady

When you are using your charm to flirt with a man, your femininity is one of the best weapons you have available to you. So, don’t try to be one of the guys, because that will usually backfire and put you straight in the friend zone. Most men are attracted to the feminine traits of a girl, so keep the tomboy aspects of your personality in reserve for when you get to know him better.

7. Compliment him

Men just love to be complimented and a well-aimed compliment is the perfect way to get the conversation going and to begin your charming flirting. Whether it’s his clothes, or something that he said that you liked, tell him you liked it and he’ll love it that you noticed. Once you have made a positive comment about him, he is more likely to engage with you and return with a compliment to you.

8. Use your expressions

You can say a lot without ever even speaking a single word, so learn to use your facial expressions to convey what you really mean. Work your smile, those subtle knowing looks, and the fluttering of the eyelids. You can charm a man with facial expressions in such a subtle way, he won’t even realise that you are flirting with him, but he will be captivated.

9. Try not to be too loud

We are all different and some people are louder than others, but when you are trying to flirt and be charming, it would probably be better to be quite subdued, rather than being loud and brash. As old fashioned as it may sound, most men do prefer the subtle approach to flirting and, if you are too obvious, it will embarrass them and it might put them off.

10. Make your flirting playful and fun

If you want to be charming and flirty, then the best thing to do is keep your flirting playful. Flirting should be a bit of fun for both people, so don’t get too serious about it. That way, you won’t offend anybody and you won’t scare a man away. It will also make it much easier to back down again, if it turns out the target of your flirting isn’t at all interested in you, or even worse, his wife is watching you from the other side of the room.

Stay happy!

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