10 Attractive personality traits that will make you more appealing and irresistible to men

How to be irresistible to a man? While it may be your beauty that will turn a man’s head, it is personality that will keep him looking in that direction. In fact, most men, when they are not just being one of the boys, will give a woman’s personality traits a greater importance, than even her looks. So, read on, and find ten attractive personality traits that will make you more appealing and irresistible to men.

1. A good sense of humour

Number one on just about every man’s list of appealing personality traits in a woman is her sense of humour. If you can laugh at his jokes and are able to laugh at yourself, then he is going feel that he can relax around you. What a man certainly doesn’t want is to feel that he can’t say a word, in case he offends you.

2. Open to new ideas

Another good trait that anyone can have is a willingness to try new things. That doesn’t mean that you have to become a people pleaser, but keeping an open mind about things and being willing to try new things, at least once, will also be a personality trait that a man will like and respect.

3. Honesty

For most men, their word is their bond and they expect the same from a woman too. If you don’t like something, then tell him, because men find honesty and openness attractive, and they don’t like people who play games with the truth.

4. Supportiveness

Another tip on how to be irresistible to a man is to be positive and supportive. Men love the idea of teams, and people in teams are there to support each other. A man will really appreciate a woman who is in his corner for him to back him up and give him encouragement when he needs it. It’s a sign of loyalty that he will find very appealing and will be able to relate to.

5. Intelligence

Don’t be fooled, men aren’t put off by smart women, they love them! They want to hear your opinion and they find it sexy when you talk about things with passion. Real men want more than a pretty face to take to the next party, they want a companion with whom they can hold intelligent conversations too.

6. Kindness

Another thing about women that men love is their kindness. It’s not just kindness to themselves that they appreciate; it’s kindness to other people like kids and animals they will adore as well.

7. Dignity and self-respect

Next tip on how to be irresistible to a man is to always have dignity. Self-respect and dignity can be shown in a number of different ways. A man will fall for a woman who takes care of herself and who is health conscious, and he will also respect a woman who won’t be pushed around.

8. Patience

We all know that you do need a little patience with men sometimes, so you can guarantee that a man will find such personality trait as patience attractive too. Don’t try and push a man too quickly into settling down and getting serious, you’re always going to need a bit of patience with that one!

9. Loyalty and commitment

Men also put a very high importance on trust, commitment and loyalty. Be true to the man and be there when he needs you, and he will return the favour tenfold. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, of course, and there are unworthy guys out there who will be unfaithful to their women, but the good men never would, and they will really respect getting the same treatment from you.

10. Love and sensuality

Another tip on how to be irresistible to a man is to be loving and sensual. You could be the most stunningly beautiful woman in the world but, if you act like an iceberg, you’ll be left out in the cold! Any woman that is not confident of her own attractiveness and is not even the tiniest bit sensual will find it hard to keep a man’s interest for long. You don’t need to be overtly sensual and flirtatious all day long, but, a little hint, now and again, will keep him hanging on for a lot more!

How to be irresistible to a man? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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