How Do You Understand That You Are In Love?

Being in love is one of the most exciting feelings ever.

Actually, scratch that. It is the most exciting feeling in the world. Nothing can top it! But how do you know when you’re actually in love for real? In this article, we find out.

Love is a feeling, and therefore it’s hard to pin down. But it’s so important that you manage to pin it down so that you don’t feel confused for too long.

Moreover, you don’t want to tell someone you’re in love with them, only to later realise that you misread your own emotions.

It’s easy to do because love feels similar to infatuation or a crush. You get those same butterflies in your stomach, the same beating heart, and the same feeling of nervous happiness.

So what’s the difference between being in love and merely being infatuated?

You Don’t Want To Think About Anyone Else Romantically

Not only do you not want to think about anyone else in a romantic way, you physically can’t.

Like, you really don’t want anyone else. If a guy hits on you or messages you, you don’t care.

Even if they’re hot, you literally don’t care. You’ve only got eyes for one person and you’re not going to do something that will distract you from them, or perhaps cause them to be upset with you.

In other words, you’re in love with them. You want them and only them. Go on, admit it!

They’re Frigging Perfect

At this point, they can do no wrong. They’re perfect to you. To other people, they have their flaws. But to you, none of that matters.

Love has a tendency to distort reality, making someone appear more desirable than they actually are. And this always happens during the initial falling in love period. We’re so taken by them that our brains are going to ignore all the warning signs and focus only on an idealised version of them.

This is why relationships are so blissful during the first few weeks, until eventually the arguments begin. It’s because by this point, the initial spike in our dopamine levels has been reduced. The valve has been closed off, and we begin to see the person for what they really are.

We still love them, of course. But we can now see their flaws and we realise that we may have over-exaggerated a few of their good qualities earlier.

You Can’t Seem To Control Your Emotions

One moment you’re up and the next you’re down. That’s what happens when you’re in love. You experience a roller coaster of emotions, from sky-scraping highs to rock bottom lows.

And the highs tend to see you floating on cloud nine, while the lows are like sucker punches to the gut.

And it’s always the same things that trigger our emotions. A text from him sends us soaring, while his absence sends us so low that we cancel all plans with friends until he gets in touch.

Sound familiar?

Your Thoughts Of The Future Involve Them

Perhaps the biggest giveaway that you’re in love is when your thoughts of the future start to involve them.

In fact, it now feels kinda weird not to picture them whenever you’re thinking about your future.

Not just this, but they’re actually a major part of your future plans. If you’re planning on going away to study, you start thinking them about how it’s going to affect them and your relationship with them.

You Find Yourself Changing Your Plans For Them

Made plans this weekend? Looks like you’re going to have to change them because he’s now asked if you want to do something.

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t break your plans. You’re not the type. Once you’ve said you’re going to do something, you’re going to stick to it. You’re super loyal!

But it’s different if you’re in love. And if you find that you’re thinking about changing your plans because he’s made himself available, it’s a surefire sign that you’re in love.

You Say “I Miss You” And Really Mean It

Too often, we casually say “I miss you,” to someone. We say it to friends, and sometimes we say it after they’ve said it to us first.

But if you find yourself saying it to him without any prompting and realise that there is a lot of sentiment behind your words, take it as read that this is a sign that you’re in love.

Missing someone is both nice and not nice. It’s nice because it’s nice to miss someone! It means there is someone in your life whose presence makes you feel good.

And it’s not nice because, of course, you’d rathe that the person was here with you.

And if you’re for real pining for him like a dog pines for its master, it means only thing – you’re love sick.

He’s Challenging You … And You’re Up For The Challenge

You wouldn’t take risks and leave your comfort zone for just anybody. He’s got to be pretty darn special.

If a guy is challenging you to try things you’d have said “No!” to in an instant in the past, it’s a clear sign that you’re probably in love with this guy.

Being in love is exciting, and it sometimes causes us to not act irrationally. Not just that, but our levels of trust go up. We’re prepared to put our faith in the other person and do what they ask us to do. They’re about to take us on exciting adventures, and we’re ready to embrace it all.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

Lastly, if you find that you simply can’t stop thinking about them, it’s time to admit to yourself that you’re probably in love.

It’s like everything reminds you of them, too: Movies, songs, books … these things remind you of them, and you feel compelled to tell them.

You can’t stop thinking about them. And when you do, you smile from ear to ear.

Stay happy!

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