Here Is How To Know That The Guy You Are Dating Is A Keeper

We all want to date keepers. We all want this next one to be the One. Our friends have found theirs and now it’s our turn. But how do you know when the guy you are dating really is a keeper?

The Dating Game can be fun at first. You go on a few dates with some cute guys, have a laugh and although you haven’t met someone you want to have kids with, you’ve had a ball.

But after two years, you’re still in The Dating Game and it’s no longer fun. The laughter ended a long time ago. This is now becoming serious and you feel as though you’re in The Game That Never Ends.

It’s not nice, but it can easily happen. We’ve all got that one friend who’s been on a dating site for five years. It’s not from a lack of effort that she can’t find Mr Right, it’s just that he doesn’t seem to be out there. And when he is, she can’t recognise him.

There are ways to tell Mr Right apart from Mr Lazy, Mr Weird and Mr Playboy. In case you weren’t too sure what they are, here is how to know that the guy you are dating is a keeper.

You Can Be Yourself Around Him

It’s really important that we can act ourselves around our partners without feeling embarrassed or, worse still, apologising for it.

If you feel as though you’re constantly having to wear a mask around your boyfriend and hold back, the chances are that he’s not right for you.

If, however, you can “dance like no ones watching”, as the saying goes, it definitely means you’ve got a keeper.

A keeper is someone you can pig out in front of if you’re having a bad day.

A keeper is someone you can speak your mind to without worrying that they’re silently judging you.

A keeper is someone you should be able to be ill in front of without worrying they’re going to find you gross.

A keeper is someone you can hang out with without wearing a face-full of make-up.

A keeper is someone you can be yourself with and still feel totally awesome.

He Introduces You To Everyone

There is nothing more suspect than a guy who makes excuses as to why you can’t meet his friends or family. Either they’re always busy or he is.

You have to ask yourself – what is he hiding? Is it always going to be like this?

If a guy is for keeps, he’s going to be so happy for you to meet the people who are dearest to him. You’ll meet them all – his best friend, his wolf pack, his mom, dad and siblings and especially his grandma. He’s immensely proud of you and wants to show you off.

… And You Want To Show Him Off Too

Admit it – you’ve dated one or two duds in the past who you really didn’t want to introduce to your friends or parents. You kinda liked him but not enough to do the introductions.

If you can’t wait to tell everyone about this one, it means he’s a keeper. You’re proud of him and want others to know what a great guy you’ve got in your life.

You’re An Individual 

Yes, you’re part of a couple and there are cute things you both do together. You hold hands, you’re a team. But a keeper also recognises that you’re very much still an individual who is allowed their own thoughts and opinions.

I’ve seen girls get into relationships with guys who have such strong personalities that the subjugate the girls to their ideas on life. Before I know it, the girl has changed almost beyond recognition.

A guy must respect your own interests and points of view. He might not agree with them, but he should respect them and let you have them.

You Laugh SO Much

I’m not saying is a keeper should be a clown who’s making you laugh all the time. But neither is he super sombre all the time and takes himself and life too seriously.

Keepers are guys who know how to poke fun at both of you. He teases you but he also teases himself.

He knows how to make you smile and giggle when you feel down, and he’s not afraid of laughing so hard with you that it hurts.

If you can’t have a joke with your man in case it offends him, he’s not for you.

He Puts Time Aside For You

We’ve all been in those relationships where it seems like such a struggle to do anything with our partner. We’re always fighting for his time along with lots of other people. He can see us, but only for two hours on Friday afternoon and even then he might have to cancel if a client calls. Everything is always “tentative”.

Not so with a keeper. Any dates and plans are always concrete and you’re his top priority.

He doesn’t just “have” time for – he makes time for you.

You Talk To Him About Everything 

Communication forms the bedrock of any successful and lasting relationship. But not only should communication be good, it should be so great that you feel as though you can talk to your guy about pretty much everything.

A keeper is a man who is willing to listen to your complaints about the way your best friend has been treating you lately.

A keeper is a man who is willing to listen to what you have to say about your family.

A keeper is a man who is willing to listen to worries and fears as much as your hopes and dreams.

A keeper is a man who is willing to listen when you’re upset about something and need to talk while having a bit of a cry.

A keeper is a man who is not going to react badly when you bring something up he doesn’t want to talk about, or which might bore him. He’s always ready to talk, no matter what the subject is.

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