Let’s look at body language signs of falling in love …

Wanna tell if he’s falling for you? In this article, Beauty and Tips take a look at the body language of men falling in love.

People watching. It’s what a lot of people do. We watch people from afar and see how they act when they think no one is watching them. We watch the pensive movements of a woman on a bus, the hurried walk of a man who looks late for something, and the way a girl plays with her hair when sat next to her crush on a park bench.

Body language is a form of communication. There are no words, just gestures and movements. The way someone glances at you can have a lot of meaning, as can the way someone sits when they’re beside you. As a method of communication, it’s incredibly subtle. As a result, it can be hard to read. You might wish a man would just be upfront and say “I really like you,” but for now, he’s content to show that he likes you with non-verbal signals. How, then, do you decipher what he’s saying to you? How do you know when a man is falling in love simply from the way he acts? It doesn’t help that humans have a natural talent for deception. He might not want to give away the fact that he’s falling in love, and so will do everything in his power to conceal it as much as possible. However, there are tells that give him away. Let’s take a look at body language signs of falling in love.

He Smiles With His Teeth

When was the last time you saw any guys teeth? Guys tend to stop smiling with their teeth when they’re old enough to be independent of their mom. Aged sixteen, free from school and being forced to smile widely for awkward family photos by their mom, they close their mouths and their teeth stay inside. Once they meet a girl they genuinely like, though, the teeth come back out again. You can always tell a guy likes you if he bares his teeth when he smiles. Take selfies together and check to see if he flashed his teeth. If he did, it’s one of major body language signs of falling in love.

He Licks His Lips

Why do we lick our lips? In literature and in the movies, characters lick their lips in anticipation of something. It suggests they’re excited about the prospect of something happened. When a guy licks his lips when he’s around a girl he likes or even loves? He’s excited by her and attracted to her. There is a science to this. We like our lips when we’re excited because our mouth has a funny way of producing more saliva than usual. As such, he’ll have to lick his lips just to get rid of all that excess saliva!

He Raises His Eyebrows

For sure, raised eyebrows can mean a few different things. Often, when we think of raised eyebrows, we think of a startled expression. Or maybe we raise our eyebrows in curiosity, or when something just doesn’t seem quite right. It’s all about context. If you’re hanging out with a guy, chatting and he raises his eyebrows for seemingly no apparent reason? It can be a pretty big sign that he’s digging you. He won’t raise them massively. But if you notice that they’re raised, even if ever so slightly, it could mean that it’s one of body language signs of falling in love.

He Looks At Your Face

It used to be eye contact that signalled that a man was interested in you. But if a man is falling head over heels in love with you? He won’t just look into your eyes. He’ll look over your WHOLE face. Yup, why would he want to look at just your eyes? A man who loves you, loves the whole package; he loves the twinkle in your eyes, the curve of your nose, your sweet lips, and any dimples you have in your cheeks. He’ll love the idea of nibbling on your ears and kissing your forehead. As such, his gaze will extend all over your face. If you catch him looking here, there and everywhere, it’s a strong sign that he’s fallen for you.

He Touches You

Believe it or not, men can get really shy – especially when it comes to expressing their feelings for women. A guy won’t just randomly touch you unless he’s super confident or creepy. Otherwise, he’ll wait until he loves you, can’t take it anymore and just has to show you a sign of his affection. It takes a lot of courage for a man to reach out and touch a woman, be it in a bar, a restaurant or even at home. If you guys have been hanging out a while and he’s touched your arm at last? It can be one of powerful body language signs of falling in love.

He Leans Towards You During Conversation

Do guys always lean forwards during conversation? Not usually. If you’re not at a noisy bar or club and he leans towards you during a conversation, he’s not doing it so that he can hear better. He’s doing it because he likes you and wants to get closer to you. Moreover, he wants to see how you’ll react to this. Will you reciprocate? Or will you move away?

He Walks Beside You

Lastly, pay close to attention to what he does when you guys are out walking together. Normally, guys walk pretty fast – faster than women, that’s for sure. They always seem to be at least two steps ahead, and it can be really annoying. When he’s falling in love with you? He’ll make the effort to walk at your pace. He’ll walk side by side with you, taking the same steps as you, careful not to rush and stride ahead. If his pace matches yours, take it as another sign that he likes you.

Do you know other body language signs of falling in love?

Stay happy!

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