Am I Just Too Picky To Ever Find Love?

When we’re young, we picture a Prince Charming sweeping us off our feet. Looking every inch like he’s just stepped out of a Disney movie, we imagine his handsome features, his commanding voice, and the way he protects us and keeps us safe. As we get older and reality bites, we adjust our visions of what our perfect man looks like. Of course, we know we won’t always end up with our own member of the royal family who has a perfect jawline, perfect hair and a perfect voice. But some of us remain picky. We turn down guys our friends thought were just right for us, because we’ve still got an image in our heads of our ideal guy. And the ones we’ve met so far just didn’t meet it. They were either too fat, too skinny, too talkative, too ambitious, too boring, too geeky or too lazy. Well, at least that’s what we told ourselves. But did we really give them a proper chance? Did we look beyond mere appearances? Did we get to know them? Or did we dismiss them after just a few seconds, before going through the motions of a first date, knowing full well we’d never see them again? If you’re feeling a bit jaded at the moment because you’re still single, you might be starting to wonder if the issue actually lies with you and your fussiness. Here are the signs that you might be too picky to ever find love:

Your Friends No Longer Set You Up

There was a time when your friends were setting you up with guys all the time. “I’ve got a friend who’s single and who I just KNOW you’d get along with. He’s 24, works for a bank, and is insanely funny. Wanna meet him?” You met him, as well as all the others, but it was always a case of “I don’t know, I don’t think we clicked.” After a while, your friends understood. You don’t want any of their recommendations. You either don’t know what you want or you’re too picky. Either way, they’ve given up. And this is a huge sign that they at least think you’re overly fussy.

You’ve Broken Up With Guys For Ridiculous Things

Come on, you can admit it. It’s only us, Beauty and Tips. Have you literally broken up with a guy because he left the toilet seat up? Maybe you called it quits after he started snoring? If you’ve broken up with guys for things you know are truly ridiculous reasons, it’s a huge sign that you’re way too picky. All guys have flaws. If we all broke up with them for the little things, we’d all still be single.

You Expect Chemistry After A Few Minutes

Ever gone home disappointed after yet another “bad” date? But what was bad about? Oh, he was lovely, charming, you had a cute time…but there was no chemistry? If a person is too picky when it comes to dating, they’re often the type who expect chemistry to be there straight away. However, it doesn’t always work like this. Sometimes people hit it off instantly, but other times it takes people a while to click. Because dating is so fast paced and we have so many different choices, we get to feeling that we’re allowed to make snap decisions before moving onto the next guy. But perhaps you should give a guy another chance to harmonise with you, if there wasn’t chemistry within the first few hours.

You’ve Never Had A Long Term Relationship

When we find out that someone has never had a long-term relationship, alarm bells start ringing. The big question is Why? The answer – without knowing the actual story – is usually that the person in question has some sort of issues. Either they can’t commit, aren’t mature enough, they’re too selfish for a relationship, or they’re just very bad at relationships. Or maybe they got so scared off by a bad experience that they’ve given up on relationships altogether, and are using pickiness as a defence mechanism that allows them to refrain from getting involved with someone else. Sound familiar?

Your Reasons As To Why He Wasn’t Good Enough Don’t Add Up

Your friends heard about your date. They were so excited for you! Only, it didn’t work out. “Why not?” they ask, concerned and upset for you. “I don’t know!” – you snap – “Can we change the subject?” You snap and ask to change the subject because you’re tired of this question – and you also don’t have a suitable answer. No guy is ever right for you, but you never know why. If this sounds a lot like you, and if there truth is that if you really pushed, all you can do is make up a total lie to your friends, it’s a sign that you’re too picky to find real love. Maybe it’s time for a change?

You Struggle To Define Your Type

Your Friend: “What’s your type?”

You: “Well … um … he’s gotta be a man …”

Your Friend: “Aha. Keep going.”

You: “And … um … look, can we take a break and come back to this question?”

If you can’t define your type in a few minutes, it might mean that you’re being too picky. You know what you don’t want, but don’t know what you do want.

You Want It To Be Like In The Movies

Hey, we all have a vision of what we want our perfect relationship to look like. But you know what? A lot of the time, it doesn’t look anything like we imagined it. But it’s still perfect. Ask yourself what your expectations and hopes are. Do you want your relationship to be just like it is in the movies? Do you want to recreate a festive season from a romance novel, or perhaps you want it to be like an episode from Friends? If so, it could be another sign that you’re probably being too picky.

Stay happy!

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