8 Things to do when single on Valentine’s Day

No sooner are the Christmas decorations down, the Valentine’s Day offers and ads come out in the shops; special deals on candlelight dinners for two, romantic getaways in the country for couples and more bright heart shaped red balloons, tacky greeting cards and cute teddy bears, than anyone could ever want.

So what’s a single girl supposed to do? Well, you could watch what famous TV shows offer and get bitter, sit on the sofa at home, consume a whole bar of your favorite chocolate and generally feel sorry for yourself.

Or, you could take a look at our ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day without a partner. Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t bad and it doesn’t have to be depressing, actually, it can even be fun! You don’t need to be a devout Christian to celebrate Christmas, so why do you need a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day? So here are our 8 things to do when single on Valentine’s Day:

1. Treat the kids

If you are single on Valentine’s Day and you’ve got nieces, nephews or your friends have kids, then use some of that money that you would have wasted on soppy gifts and take the kids out for the day instead. Let their parents go and be all loved up, while you ‘babysit’ for them, and you’ll probably have a lot more fun than they do.

2. Show your love to a stranger

When single on Valentine’s Day, show your love to the humankind as a whole and put a smile on somebody’s face. Volunteer to help out at a children’s home or senior citizen centre.  You might think that you’re hard done by, being alone on Valentine’s Day, but take a look around you, some people have things a lot worse.

3. Escape from town

If you are single on Valentine’s Day, just get up and go somewhere different. Visit a place you’ve never been to before or be a sightseer for the day in your own town. You don’t necessarily have to have a significant other in tow to have a good time, enjoy things that you love and have fun!

4. Send some love to your friends and family

There are many different types of love, so let someone else in your life know that you love them by sending a card to family and friends. It doesn’t have to be a cheesy ‘you’ll be mine for eternity’ type of card, just a simple ‘hey, I appreciate you being in my life’ will do.

5. Remember someone who really has no one

You can be on your own for many reasons, other than just having a break between boyfriends. Spread a little love by remembering those who might be lonely all the time. Visiting an elderly relative who has lost their husband and lives on their own would really make their day.

6. Make the day a meaningful one

Get up and go for it! Instead of hiding away, wallowing in self-pity, get on and tackle that thing that you’ve been promising yourself you would do for ages. Start a new project, find a new hobby or clean out that spare room and make the day a worthwhile one.

7. Show those couples a thing or two

Show those couples that a single girl can have fun too. Book a table at a fancy restaurant for you and a few single friends and have you own Valentines night out in town. You might even get the added bonus of really bugging all those smug couples with your loud joking and laughing!

8. Celebrate being single

Make Valentine’s day your day: get off work a bit early or take the day off and just do whatever you want to do. Pamper yourself and go places that you want to go, while you’re still single and you still can!

If you are single on Valentine’s Day, have fun, be happy, celebrate you, celebrate life, celebrate love (in general), it’s your day, enjoy it!

Feel free to share your own ideas and things to do when single on Valentine’s Day in the comment section.

Stay happy!

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