8 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

When God created men and women, He decided to go ahead and wire us differently.

No doubt He’s having a jolly good laugh to Himself as we buy each other gifts for Christmas that none of us wanted. You can almost hear Him trying to stifle a laugh, as the guy thinks to himself: “Oh…Socks again? Huh, if only she knew me better.”

The best way to understand God’s plan is by asking guys what they wish women knew about them – and then creating an article like this to spread the word. How awesome is that?! God’s ways are often mysterious! Well, God surely does have a sense of humour!

(Though don’t be too angry at me because I really do want to go to Heaven)

Ahem. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 8 things men wish more women know about them.

1. Men Hate To Feel Inadequate Or Incapable

Guys don’t want to hear that they can’t do this or can’t do that. If you say to them: “You suck at fixing cars,” you’re gonna really hurt their feelings. Even saying, “But it doesn’t matter because I love you”, won’t change the fact that he will be upset.

They don’t care about being loved if they’re inadequate! Guys would much rather be good at something than be loved, because being good at something is a testament to their power and superiority. They want to be the guy that protects you from all and sundry – not the adorable thing you want to squeeze like a teddy bear, but who is otherwise useless.

2. Guys Can Also Be Insecure, Just Like Girls

Thought girls were insecure? Think again. Men are some of the most insecure creatures on the planet, even if they won’t admit this. But the truth is that guys – just like ladies – worry about their roles in life, both at home and at work, and the only way to make them feel secure in what they’re doing is by giving them reminders that they are good at what they do.

3. Men Are Burdened

Aww. Men are burdened…It almost brings a tear to your eyes…

That sounds much like sarcasm, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. You see, it’s very easy for us, girls, to dismiss men’s problems and tell them to get over themselves and that they should “try being a man”, but the truth is that guys really do feel burdened by a whole host of expectations. They’re wired to be felt as though they’re the provider and protector, and this brings with it a whole heap of pressures and responsibilities, from making money to ensuring the safety and security of their family. And this can get on top of them.

4. They Do Care About The Way You Look, Even If They Don’t Always Say It

“How do I look in this?”, you ask enthusiastically, knowing you look gorgeous.

But your man just grunts something in reply, before returning to his paper.

Guys aren’t exactly appreciative when it comes to your appearance – or so it seems. Guys, though, do appreciate you making the effort to look nice for them. They’re just not very good at showing it!

5. Men Love Physical Intimacy

I know, I know. You’ve just rolled your eyes, and asked: “What’s new?!”

We do assume that guys are addicted to lovemaking, and that they’ve got it on the brain. But the reality is that guys aren’t lusting for physical intimacy from anything that moves – instead, they want physical intimacy from you, because they want to feel desired by you. See, guys don’t necessarily want bedroom fun to satisfy their physical needs; rather, they want to be intimate with you.

6. Guys Think About You

It’s very easy to believe that you’re the only one who thinks about your partner, but the reality is actually very different, because men often think about their partners too. See, guys aren’t actually emotionless beings sent to us by God to ‘look after us’; rather, guys are prone to their moments of pure emotion, and even the smallest, most trivial thing can cause them to think about us and break down and cry. N’aww, aren’t guys the cutest?!

7. Men Love Romance – They’re Just Not Very Good At It

If you were dismayed because you thought that you were dating the least romantic guy in the world, you’re certainly not alone. Many women feel the same, because our partners often just don’t seem to want to be romantic.

The truth, though, is that guys do love romance – they just believe they’re not very good at it! Rather than risk humiliation and total abject failure with the date from hell, they would rather just stay in and tell you that they love you during the commercial break. All you need to do in this situation is talk to them about their feelings and encourage them to be more romantic. The way guys are wired is such that, to them, romance is taking you down to the hardware store.

8. They Love You

Like a lot of things on this list, guys love you – but find it hard to show it. For some reason, guys get a little bit tongue tied on the things that matter, which causes us to think they don’t care about us. But guys just like a bit of self-confidence and when they do try to express themselves, they do it clumsily and things come out wrong. The truth is, though, that men do love you – very much! They just need a bit of coaching to be able to show it.

Stay happy!

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