8 Things men and women interpret differently

It’s a scientifically proven fact that men and women’s brains are wired differently. Whereas women have a tendency to over analyse things, men are far more likely to go charging straight in, like the proverbial bull in a china shop! It’s no wonder then, that as a woman will be searching for a hidden meaning and a man has jumped straight to the wrong conclusion, there are often misunderstandings between the two. Give the same message to a man and a woman and they can draw completely different conclusions from it and here are eight things that men and women will interpret differently:

1. The difference between wrong and right

Men and women view wrongdoings very differently. A man will view a wrongdoing as a one off event that can be put right, whereas a woman will view a wrongdoing as something far deeper. A woman is far more likely to view a wrongdoing or sin, if you are religious, as a sign of a person’s lack of morals, while a man will see it simply as a mistake.

2. The words ‘I love you’

Strangely, to a guy, the words ‘I love you’ mean different things, if he says it from when he hears it. A guy will say he loves a good friend and mean nothing more than that he cares about that person. When he hears these words from a girl though, he starts to think marriage and kids!

3. Compliments

Compliments are far more meaningful to men, than they are to women. You might innocently compliment a man on his new shirt, but he will read that as a flirty comment. Men don’t complement each other, in the same way as women do, so, when he gives a compliment or receives one, it will have far more meaning behind it for him, than you might suspect.

4. What are you doing today?

More often than not, a girl will read far more into the question of ‘what are you doing today’, than a guy actually means. For a guy, this is usually just his way of passing the time of day or making small talk, but girls will analyse a comment like this and are likely to take it as a precursor to him asking for a date.

5. Humour

Men and women also interpret humour differently and it will probably come as no surprise to learn that men will laugh more easily at slapstick humour, than women. But the difference in sense of humour goes deeper than that; it actually goes back to the woman’s tendency to over analyse again. Men laugh more easily than women do, but, although a woman takes longer to decide, if something is funny or not, once they have made their mind up, they will get a lot more out of the humour, than men.

6. Subtleties in language

Don’t read too much into the exact words that a guy uses in conversation, because men are not as into the finer points of language, as women are. A man means nothing different when he says ‘hi’, ‘hey’ or ‘hello’, it’s all the same to him. A girl will read something into a text message that begins with ‘hi’, instead of his usual ‘hey!’ He will be wondering what on earth he said wrong!

7. Can we talk about this later?

Men can’t multi-task, so when he says: ‘Can we talk about this later?’, don’t take it to mean that it’s not an important subject or that he doesn’t want to talk about it. When a man says this, he is saying that the subject is important and he might need time to think about it and, more importantly, he wants to be able to concentrate on the discussion.

8. Warning signs

Men and women interpret the warning signs very differently, both warnings of physical danger and warnings of the emotional kind. A man sees a traffic signal, that’s about to turn red, as a challenge to be beaten and not as a warning that he may have an accident, whereas a woman will see it as a sign of danger. The same is true of the signs that a relationship is not working. A woman will spot the signs a mile off, a man will wonder what hit him!

What other things, on your opinion, men and women interpret differently?

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Stay happy!

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