Relationship advice for women: 8 things girls do that push guys away 

Men are sometimes hard to fathom, aren’t they? People say that it’s men who don’t understand women. But it’s the men who seem to be the ones who have deep emotions that they don’t easily share and sometimes, when things fall apart, you have absolutely no idea what went wrong.

Sometimes, you have to stop trying to understand him and just let him be a man, but there are some things that you have to watch out for, some things that will, at first, irritate a guy and then, eventually, push him away:

1. Disloyalty

One of the most important relationship advices for women is to avoid disloyalty and dishonesty. We all know that cheating will destroy a relationship quicker, than anything else and, even if the man says he is prepared to forgive, the damage caused by cheating can rarely, if ever, be repaired. But it’s not just cheating that should be a consideration, loyalty means sticking up for your man in an argument too, even if you don’t really agree with him!

2. Trying to change a man

Another good relationship advice for women is – don’t expect to change your man. Many ladies think that they can change a man and the changes that women often try and bring about are ones that really show that they are being over possessive. Being a man and doing ‘man’ things from time to time, is a part of who he is and, if you try and take that away, he will rebel.

3. Talking overdose

Our next relationship advice for women is – avoid talking too much. It’s not just a myth that men don’t like women who talk too much. A man thinks that love is as much about a comfortable silence, as it is about saying ‘I love you’ over and over, and talking too much will inevitably lead the man into thinking that he is being nagged, which is a fear that many men have.

4. Scaring him away with emotion

You may think that your new man is the best member of the male gender ever to set foot on the face of the earth and you may have made your mind up that he is ‘the one’. But pull in the reigns a little; getting too clingy and loved up too quickly will frighten him. Keep the ‘I can’t live without you’ statements until you are sure about how he feels. It may just take a little longer for a man to come to the same conclusions that you have.

5. Leaving him guessing

Leave a man with nothing more than a Goodnight kiss to begin with. Men still think that they are the chivalrous one and that you are a lady, so jumping into bed with him at the first opportunity will give him all the wrong messages about you. Men like to take the lead on this too, so if you are the one initiating all the first moves, they will start to feel out of their comfort zone very quickly.

6. Let a man be a man

Another great relationship advice for women is – let a man be a man. Have you ever seen a caged lion at a zoo? They’re not really happy, are they?  A man wants to be your protector and your provider, however outdated that way of thinking may be, so don’t ask him to subdue his masculinity or try and domesticate him too soon, or you’ll have him running for the hills.

7. Constantly checking up on him

One of the most important ingredients of a happy relationship is trust, so our next relationship advice for women is – show your man some trust. One sure fire way to push a man away is to be constantly checking up on him, when you’re not together. Constant interrogation on who he was with, where did he go, and why didn’t he come back earlier, will start to make him feel penned in and have him starting to look for an escape route.

8. Do you really love me?

You may have been hurt before, but don’t keep quizzing your man about his emotions with questions like ‘do you really love me?’ If you need constant affirmation about his feelings, then he will start to doubt his own feelings too.

Men are simply sometimes not as forthcoming with their feelings and emotions, as women are. It takes longer for them to say ‘I love you’ and, generally, it takes them longer to commit. They are also not very good at telling you that you’re doing something wrong. So be careful, or he will suffer in silence, until the day he bids you farewell.

What other things girls do that push guys away? Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and relationship advice for women in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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