8 Reasons why you should cuddle and kiss more with your partner

Pucker up, kissing is good for you! We doubt that you need any more encouragement to get intimate with your man, but kissing and cuddling has a surprising range of health benefits, as well as being a fun way to make the bond with your guy even closer. So, if you need an excuse for a moment of love, then check out these eight reasons why you should be cuddling and kissing more often:

1. Cuddling and kissing reduces stress and blood pressure

It’s not just because it’s nice to kiss and cuddle that it makes you feel better, close contact with your partner makes your body release more oxytocin, which is the hormone that makes you bond with another human being. This hormone also has the effect of making you feel more safe and secure, and it lowers your blood pressure too.

2. Cuddling and kissing reduces anxiety and depression

Amazingly, researchers found that people who only kiss each other during intimate moments are eight times more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, than those who kiss frequently. When you’re feeling down and someone gives you a cuddle, your body releases ‘feel-good’ hormones that will help to pick you up again.

3. Cuddling and kissing can help to strengthen your immune system

You are less likely to fall ill, if you cuddle more. Physical contact with your partner has been shown to improve the rate of healing and decrease the likelihood of you contracting illnesses. Quite probably, it’s the cheapest and nicest type of medicine that you can get.

4. You need physical contact

We are actually born needing physical contact with other human beings, so, to deny yourself this contact with others is denying yourself an essential need that you have. Just twenty seconds of physical contact with your partner could put you in a good mood for the next twenty four hours.

5. Cuddling and kissing helps you lose weight

A peck on the cheek or an air kiss won’t work here, but a full on passionate smacker, for more than a minute or so, could burn off 25 calories. What would you rather be doing to lose weight, going to the gym?

6. Protects you from crashing the car

Yes, you read it right. Statistically, men who kiss their wives goodbye on their way to work have less chance of being involved in a car accident, so don’t be in too much of rush tomorrow morning!

7. Kissing keeps you looking young

You don’t need to go under the surgeon’s knife to keep you looking young, give your man a kiss instead! Kissing gives over thirty muscles in your face a workout and it could help prevent your face from sagging, when you get a bit older.

8. Cuddling and kissing cures headaches and cramps

Kissing and touching your partner causes your blood vessels to dilate and this action can help to relieve the symptoms of headache and reduce menstrual cramps. That completely invalidates that well-worn excuse of ‘not tonight dear, I have a headache’!

Well, do we really need reasons to cuddle and kiss more with our partner? It’s just an overall pleasant experience for both of you, so let’s just give more tenderness and love to the person we love.

Stay happy!

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