Married and flirting? 8 Powerfully convincing reasons to flirt more with your partner 

You don’t have to be single to flirt, and we don’t mean flirting with other people! Flirting with your partner, whether it’s your boyfriend or your husband, keeps the passion and the excitement in a relationship and it’s an easy way to show that, even after all these years together, you still find one another attractive. So don’t forget the art of flirting, just because you’ve been together a while, and if you need any encouragement, here are eight good reasons why you should be engaging in a bit more flirtatious behaviour with your partner:

1. Flirting keeps your relationship alive

Married and flirting? Is it even possible? Boredom is the enemy of any long term relationship and a bit of flirting will keep the boredom at bay. Break the habit of doing the same old things, day in and day out with a suggestive smile or a knowing wink here and there, and keep an element of surprise and spontaneity in your relationship.

2. Flirting demonstrates your love

Flirting doesn’t need to be overtly suggestive; it can just be a gentle show of affection to remind your partner that you still love them. A gentle peck on the cheek or smoothing of the hair to just show that you care will help to keep the love alive.

3. Flirting shows that you are still attracted to your beloved

You don’t want your partner to think that it was just when he was young that he was attractive, so show him that he still has what it takes to get you going. Keeping the passion and the spark alive is just as important, as it ever was, there’s no reason for it to stop now.

4. Flirting is fun

Flirting is just fun, so just go for it. Teasing your partner and seeing the effect will be as much fun, as it used to be, especially when you find that he still can’t resist you!

5. Flirting is good for both of your egos

We all need an ego boost from time to time and, no matter how hard life gets, if we know that someone still finds us attractive, then that is sure to lift our spirits. At the end of a long and hard day just finding that you still want each other, and that you still want to play games, will have you soon forgetting the rigours of the day.

6. Flirting tells the whole world that you love each other

A bit of flirting in public shows all around you, how much you love each other. It’s inspiring! Not only does it show your friends and family how much you care for each other, it’s not a bad thing for your children to see either, within reason! It’s nice for them to see mummy and daddy playing, in a loving way.

7. Flirting lets you play games without playing away

Some people claim that they are unfaithful, just because there is no excitement in their relationship anymore. Flirting keeps things fun and interesting, so why go elsewhere for a bit of excitement when you have it at home?!

8. Flirting is a step away from the bedroom

The best bit about flirting with your partner is that you get all the fun of the flirt, the anticipation of what it might lead to, followed by an unanticipated moment of passion, but with none of the fear and fallout of doing it when you’re single. A perfect dose of safe excitement with someone you love never hurts!

So, yes, married and flirting is possible and it’s even healthy and beneficial for a relationship.

Do you flirt with your partner often?

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Stay happy!


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  3. Stacey
    March 19, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    Now I will flirt with my husband more, I didn’t even think about it before, but it’s true that flirting with your partner should never stop!

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