8 Great ideas of birthday gifts for your boyfriend that he will love

Picking the best gift for the man you love can be a very stressful affair, especially, if there’s nothing specific that you know he craves. If there is, it’s easy (as long as the craving is not for a golden Lamborghini, that is) but most often we’re out of luck with this one. When you ask him what he wants for his birthday, he mumbles something totally unhelpful. So, you’re on your own and here are some ideas…You know what? It doesn’t even have to be a gift that you buy from the mall. It all depends on his tastes.

1. A collectable item

If your man has a hobby that you don’t particularly like, such as collecting soda cans or whiskey, for instance, forget your dislike for just one day and get him a rare item for his collection. This is easy nowadays, with all the online marketplaces you can rake until you find something suitable. The gift will be appreciated but the gesture you’ve made – finding him something he’d like even though you don’t – will be appreciated even more.

2. A video game

Another good idea of great birthday gifts for your boyfriend is a video game. Yep, seriously. If he likes games, what could be a better gift?! Okay, so you hate his games because when he plays, he ignores you. Unless things are bordering on obsession, give him some space, he can’t be tied to you all the time. And playing games for him is not ignoring you, it’s a relaxing activity. So, get him that game and smile when you give it to him. Who knows, maybe he will be so touched that he’ll only play it when you’re busy.

3. Anything you made

Unless you’re totally incapable of any crafts – in which case you can create him a special playlist – anything you made with your own hands will be a spot-on. Real-life examples of this general idea include scrapbooks of photos and quotes from love letters between the birthday boy and his girl, a selection of sentimental value items, as many as the number of years that the guy is turning, or a surprise subscription to a magazine. Mind you, this is only a good idea, if you know your guy likes this sort of sentimental stuff, so don’t just up and do it blindly. If you know he likes practical things, get him something practical he can use at work.

4. A luxury item

A wallet, a belt, cufflinks, a shirt, anything, as long it comes from a luxury brand, can be another one of great birthday gifts for your boyfriend. Men like luxury, just like we do, and a birthday is the perfect occasion to give him some. What’s even better is that all these items are not just empty demonstrations of luxury, they are perfectly practical things and, since they come from high-end brands, chances are that they will last for a very long time. True, it is a bit of a large investment but look at it exactly as an investment and not a waste of money, like so many other gifts.

5. A DVD set of his favourite TV show or a movie collection

He must have a favourite show. Or a favourite movie that he’s watched more than once. Getting him a box set of the show or a special edition of the movie is also a good birthday gift idea. Alternatively, you could go for a music album if he’s into that, instead of films and TV shows. This one looks pretty obvious but sometimes, when you’ve been considering gift ideas long and hard, your brain just blocks and even obvious ideas like this one remain hidden. It’s our pleasure.

6. A completely useless but fun gift

Have you heard about the handerpants? No? That’s not surprising. Handerpants are a novelty product, which is basically a pair of gloves with the fingers cut off. The novelty element is that they look like briefs. Only their creator knows why they thought the world needed gloves looking like a pair of underwear but the fact remains that they are on the market and yours for the taking! If your man likes this sort of stuff, by all means, get him a funny but completely useless object.

7. A gadget

A gadget is another one of great ideas of birthday gifts for your boyfriend. Yes, we know that’s an obvious one as well, but it depends on the gadget. Don’t just grab the first thing that looks good to you, take some time to probe his needs and preferences in that respect. That’s right, you can’t just get him the latest MacBook and suffer the disappointment of realising (too late) that your man hates Tim Cook’s guts and everything that comes from that company. If you know for certain, though, that he’d sell his mother for that latest MacBook, go ahead and buy it.

8. Have a very special day 

Birthday gifts for your boyfriend shouldn’t necessarily be complicated or expensive. Sometimes none of these ideas would work, because your boyfriend has everything and he just doesn’t need new gadgets, collectibles or sentimental gestures. Then just go for the total treatment. Just let him do whatever he wants for the whole day, treat him to everything you know he likes and cook him (or order) all his favourite foods. That should be simple enough, right?

Do you have some other ideas of birthday gifts for a boyfriend?

Stay happy!

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