20 Unique and cute Valentine’s day gift ideas for her

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us again, so the shops are filled with red balloons, hearts and cuddly toys. That’s February the 14th guys, in case you forgot, so don’t leave it to the last minute this year and buy your girl a gift that will mean something special.

They say that the best Valentine’s gift you can give to the lady in your life is your love and your undivided attention, but trust us, she is going to be expecting more than that! Here’s a selection of ideas for you of Valentine’s gifts for this year. Some are the classics, some are fun and some are extravagant, but all of them are Valentine’s Day gifts your lady will love.

1. Adopt an animal

Not everyone has the time to actually care for a pet at home, but there are plenty of ways that you can adopt an animal, and do some good at the same time. Take a look on Google, there are many charities that offer adoption schemes for endangered species or rescued animals. You usually get regular updates of your adopted animal, photos and, sometimes, a cuddly toy version of the animal too.

2. Write her a love letter

Be original this year and make it more personal with a hand written love letter. Pick out some quality writing paper and envelope and put down in words what you really feel about your girl. It’s so much nicer than the cheap Valentine cards you find in the stores.

3. Create a unique scent, just for her

Another one of cute Valentine’s day gift ideas for her is to go one step further with the gift of perfume and create a scent that is just for your lady. You can create a brand new perfume for your loved one, that no one else, anywhere in the world, has, complete with a bottle with the name of your choice printed or engraved on. You can’t get any more unique than that.

4. Buy a signed first edition of her favourite book

Having a book on a Kindle will never replace the excitement of holding a physical first edition book that has been signed by the author. Do some research and see if you can find a first edition copy of her favourite book and you will have a gift that will last and that your girlfriend will treasure.

5. Get it personalised

Here is another one of cute Valentine’s day gift ideas for her – think ahead this year and have your gift personalised. How about a silver locket, engraved with your names or a personal message or, a pair of engraved champagne flutes to celebrate the day. Whatever gift you choose, it will be a lot more special, if you have it personalised.

6. Something for her hobby

For a more practical gift and a gift that really will show that some thought has been put into it, you could buy her something that she could use for her hobby. Whatever her pastimes are, there is bound to be something related to that, that she needs and will use.

7. A photo puzzle

Find an old picture of when you were first dating and have it turned into a jigsaw puzzle. If you can, then make one for a significant moment like the first time you met, or the first time that you took a holiday together. Then, when she’s completed the puzzle, you can give her your second present – a beautiful frame to hang the puzzle on a wall with.

8. Matching wristwatches

You can buy wrist watches that will fit most budgets; it doesn’t have to be Rolex! Matching, his and her, wristwatches is a cute way to show that you are a team and she will be reminded of you, and of this Valentine’s day, whenever she checks the time.

9. Cook her meal

Valentine’s day gift ideas for her shouldn’t always be super costly. Valentine day is on a Saturday this year, so you’ll have to come up with a ruse to get her out of the house, if you want to prepare a surprise at home. Once that’s taken care of though, decorate the living room with beautiful red balloons and flowers, then get out the recipe book and start cooking! You can make Valentine’s day a special evening in by cooking up her favourite meal and setting the scene with flowers and candles. She’ll love it that you went to all that effort.

10. Build some new memories

With Valentine’s day being on a weekend, you can make the whole day special for the woman in your life this year. She’s probably only expecting the usual card, flowers and chocolates, so surprise her by booking a trip and do something that neither of you have done before, like horse riding or taking a trip in a balloon. The possibilities are endless, so make the most of the opportunity and do something really special for your lady.

11. Champagne and roses

Champagne and roses is another one of cute Valentine’s day gift ideas for her. You might think that roses are boring, but girls never seem to tire of them and that’s why flowers are still one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts that you can buy. Don’t settle for the limp, cheap, last minute variety, though, splash out and get a nicely boxed dozen of red roses and pair it with a bottle of good champagne.

12. A pampering gift basket

A gift basket filled with all she needs for a spa day at home will set her in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Look out for the really pretty, pink ones, which have bath salts, lotions and all she needs for a relaxing day at home, pampering herself.

13. A quality handbag

Next one of great Valentine’s day gift ideas for her is to buy a quality handbag for your lady. A girl can never have enough handbags, it’s a key accessory that sets off any outfit and she can keep all her essentials with her when she goes out. A handbag is much easier to buy than clothes or shoes, because you don’t need to know her size and you are less likely to buy something that is not to her taste.

14. A weekend away

Make Valentine’s Day a real event and whisk her away to a romantic destination for a quiet break for two. Whether it’s a break in the country or a weekend in Paris, the fact that you took the time to arrange and book it will be what really counts.

15. A framed Picture of the two of you

The quickest route to a girl’s heart is with a little bit of sentimentality on Valentine’s Day and a good gift for that is a lovely framed photo of the two of you together. All you have to do is find a picture of you at a special event or occasion that means something to you both and get it placed in a good picture frame. It’s a great way to show how much you value your partnership and your love.

16. Name a star after her

Here is another one of romantic and beautiful Valentine’s day gift ideas for her – how about naming a star after the love of your life? Look up The International Star Registry on Google and you will find that you can have a star named after your girlfriend and they will send you a gift pack with charts that show the location of your star and certificate to prove its naming.

17. Diamond earrings

If you have some cash to spare, then a pair of diamond studded earrings is guaranteed to put a sparkle in her eyes. They may not be as cute as a cuddly bear, but they will last forever and she’ll always remember the day that you gave them to her.

18. Flower of the month

Lots of girls get flowers on Valentine’s Day but you can make Valentine’s Day last all year long by subscribing to a flower of the month club. You can choose how many months you want to subscribe for and then your girlfriend will receive a new bouquet of seasonal fresh flowers, every month, for as long as you want her to.

19. Lingerie

There will always be a debate about whether a gift of gorgeous lingerie is for her, or for him, but it’s still a firm favourite with most women. She’ll love the intimate nature of silky, soft lingerie and she’ll also appreciate the courage it took to go into the store and buy it.

20. Propose to her!

Our list of beautiful Valentine’s day gift ideas for her wouldn’t be complete without this one. Well, what could be more romantic than proposing to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? A diamond engagement ring and a proposal of marriage will take her breath away and make it a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Do you want to share other cute and romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her, for the day that celebrates love?

Stay happy, love and be loved!

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