20 Things we (girls) want guys to know 

Men have their own ideas on what girls want and, if you could be a fly on the wall, when the guys get together, you’d hear some pretty interesting theories about what it takes to make a girl tick! So guys, we’ve compiled a list for you of things that we really wish you knew about women. Here we share with you some of our little secrets that you never knew about:

1. We like the attention

We like getting admiring looks from men in general, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love you. Actually, we also like it, when you get just a little bit jealous, that’s kind of nice too.

2. We appreciate your personality

For all our talk about hot guys, it’s actually your personality that we really care about. OK, so a hot body would be a bonus, but it’s not an essential criteria that we judge you on.

3. While in a restaurant, we go to the bathroom together with our girl-friends, so that we can talk about you

Did you think that we always go to the washroom in twos and threes, because of insecurity? No guys, it’s so that we can catch up on gossip and that gossip is usually about you.

4. Don’t say that you never want kids, that’s a deal breaker

Most girls will consider having children at some point in their lives, so don’t tell us that you wouldn’t even consider it, if you want us to stay around. Never, is a very long time so, at least, leave that door ajar.

5. We like it when you show us off

We enjoy being shown off to your friends, so take us to meet them sometimes. We don’t like being treated like a trophy, but we are pleased, when we find out that you are proud of us. And, anyway, we want to check who you are hanging with too!

6. We tell our girlfriends (almost) everything

You got to be straight with us, if you want a secret kept. Make it clear, if something should go no further, otherwise, everything else is fair game for gossip, when we get together with our friends.

7. Never call on us unannounced

We love surprises, but we want to know about them in advance! We don’t always look perfect, so give us a chance to get ready, before you come round. Just a call to say you are five minutes away, would be better than nothing.

8. We like cutie-pie nicknames

Nicknames are great, so long as they don’t sound like you are treating us like children. ‘Babe’ is good, as are ‘darling’, ‘princess’ or ‘angel’, but be careful with calling us ‘yummy cupcake’ or ‘tasty muffin’, as some girls think that certain sweet names are best left for cute little children, who can’t look after themselves.

8. We have bodily functions too

Do you really think that we never break wind? Well, we do and we’re as good at it, as you are! The only difference is that we have the good manners to wait until you are not around, before we let it rip.

9. We don’t find bad personal hygiene attractive

We don’t actually find bad smell attractive, guys. You know, that smell that you think is the masculine smell of a man who has been hard at work, and we actually think it’s the sign of a man who needs a good bath and a spray of deodorant.

10. We like it, when you get a  little mad and a little jealous 

We won’t tell you this, but actually we like it when you get a teeny bit mad and jealous. Not psycho, axe wielding mad, but just angry enough to show us that you care and that you will be there to protect us.

11. We want you to say ‘I love you’ only when you mean it

To you, it’s only three words, but to us it’s a lot more. Don’t let saying ‘I love you’ become just a habit, because we know that you say it to your car, your close friends and even yourself. When you say it to us, make it special, beautiful and make it mean something.

12. You can’t buy our love

It’s cool if you have money, because you can take us to cool places and we can sit in your cool car. You can’t buy our affections, though; we’ll just enjoy your generosity while we can, but you can never buy our true love, so if you have it, never take it for granted.

13. Sometimes we cry, when you are not around

We can hold in the tears when we need to, just like you. When we need comforting and understanding, then we’ll cry in front of you. But, some crying is reserved for our private moments and you will never, ever, even know about those moments.

14. Sometimes we fall for hot guys and confuse lust for love

It might sound shallow, but sometimes we will date a drop dead gorgeous guy, just because he’s drop dead gorgeous and we even might confuse lust for love; but when we get to know a guy a bit better, then the big revelation about our true feelings comes.

15. We wish that we could talk to you about this…

Most guys have only two possible reactions, when the topic of ‘bedroom’ is raised. It’s either the stereotypical male ‘yes, please’ type of response or a very embarrassed little red face. Come on guys, talk more about what you like and what your girl likes, and that way, you’ll both have more fun.

16. You will never understand PMS

Simple and straightforward, but men can never understand PMS, because they simply never experienced it, so just pretend that you understand it and be kind and caring.

17. Sometimes, all you need to do is just listen

When we are upset, and you are kind and thoughtful to ask us, whether we want to talk about it, just stop and listen! Don’t try and fix things, or interrupt with your own pearls of wisdom, because sometimes all we need is for you to listen.

18. We don’t ask, we drop hints

If we want you to buy us something or take us somewhere, then we won’t ask you for it. We’d much rather desire that you surprise us, so we will drop you subtle hints instead. All you’ve got to do is pick up on those hints, and then, act.

19. We are allowed to criticize our families, but you are not

Even when we say something derogatory about our family, it does not, under any circumstances, mean that you are allowed to agree. They are our parents and we can say what we like, and most of the time we don’t even mean it.

20. We love you, just the way you are

Stop obsessing over that single grey hair that keeps growing on your chest or your slightly expanding paunch. If we didn’t love you the way that you are, then we wouldn’t be with you. We’ll do all the fussing in the mirror, but you just get on with being you.

How do you think girls and guys are different?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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