20 Clear Signs You Found Your Soulmate

There are two things most of us strive for in our lives: Happiness and a soulmate.

Soulmates are so rare that they’re as precious as a diamond. And because of their rarity, we have to be absolutely sure that the one we think is our soulmate really is our soulmate. Checklist’s at the ready! Join Beauty and Tips as we take a look at the 20 clear signs that you’ve found your soulmate.

It’s not so easy to define what a soulmate is, purely because it sounds so mystical. Moreover, no one even knows for sure what a soul itself is – or if we indeed have one. However, the commonly accepted definition of a soulmate is a person we click with super well. It’s the one person we’ve been waiting for who just “gets” us – perfections, imperfections, quirks and flaws – it works. It’s that one person who is patient with us, that one person we can be vulnerable with, that one person who we love unconditionally – that one person who completes our life. But as you’ll surely know, many relationships turn out to be false alarms. Brad from sixth grade who we thought we’d be with forever took off after just two months to join a band. Douche and totally not a soulmate! So how do we really know when we’ve found a soulmate and not just another false alarm? How do we know when to get excited and when to keep our emotions in check?

Join us as we take a look at the 20 CLEAR signs you found your soulmate.

You Talk About Your Future Together A Lot

You don’t talk about your future as though it’s just yours. You talk about a future that involves them. And you don’t just talk about it whimsically now and then – you talk about it often, perhaps even all the time.

Sure, you dream and fantasise about a shared future happiness. But it’s serious, too. You can picture the two of you living together, maybe even having kids together. And it’s beautiful. So if you find that you keep talking about a shared future with your partner, it’s one of very strong signs you found your soulmate. To put it another way, you certainly wouldn’t be spending much time picturing a shared future with someone you weren’t so sure of.

You Don’t Always Need To Say Something

Ever had one of those relationships where you feel a pressure to say something all the time? And when nothing is said, when there is a lull in the conversations, you feel awkward and worry that you’re getting bored of one another?

With your soulmate it isn’t like that at all. You actually appreciate the moments of silence, and the chance to just listen to the beat of their heart.

There’s Just A Feeling Inside

The way we feel about our soulmate is just too indescribable to put into words, and Beauty and Tips – as poetic as we are! – aren’t going to try here. Put it this way – if you’ve ever experienced the feeling, you’ll know what we mean.

Describe it as the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you know he’s on his way to see you. Describe it as the tinges of excitement you feel when you’re in his arms. Describe it as the warmth and security he always radiates in your presence. Describe it anyway you want to. You know what it is – it’s a feeling like none you’ve ever felt for someone before. And it’s another one of strong signs you found your soulmate.

You Give Them Space

You let them have their space – and it’s awesome! You appreciate that the two of you both need some alone time to pursue your separate passions, and it doesn’t bother either of you. You let the other person be themselves and they let you be yourself too.

You Love Their Flaws And Quirks

Fleeting, short-term romances don’t tend to last long for a few reasons. One of them is that we just don’t love a person completely. We don’t love their flaws, their habits and quirks. We don’t love their imperfections and their mistakes. All we feel is pure lust, and once that particular tank has ran dry, we bail.

Where your soulmate is concerned, things are much, much different. It’s their flaws and vulnerabilities that you fall in love with. It’s what makes them them, and you love their full package. You know they’ll make mistakes, as we all all do. But rather than run away from them, you want to help them. You want to be there for them, as much as they are there for you. You’re ready to take them, warts ’n’ all, it’s one of clear signs you found your soulmate.

They Support You Unconditionally

You have dreams, and your soulmate is ready to support you unconditionally, no matter how big your dreams are and no matter what the naysayers have already said. A soulmate is your biggest cheerleader and encourager, who is going to support you through thick and thin. And it’s beautiful!

You’re Not Jealous

It’s weird. You might have been jealous in the past, but with your soulmate you’re not jealous at all. Why is this? It’s because he has made you feel so secure and confident in yourself and this relationship, that you know you are the right one and the only one for him. You two are meant to be together. Why on earth would he put this in jeopardy? He wouldn’t and you know it. He’s yours. There is no need to be jealous. This confident and peaceful feeling of trust is another one of clear signs you found your soulmate.

You Want To Resolve All Problems

All relationships hit barriers and obstacles. We all know this. But while we’re prepared to give up and move on, when the going gets tough in certain relationships, we’re ready to work super hard to overcome all obstacles and challenges when we know we’ve found our soulmate.

A soulmate encourages you to overcome all problems and difficulties in a relationship. You know they are worth fighting for. You just sense that this is a relationship worth fighting for, and that if only you could overcome a few challenges this will be the love of your life. Always focused on the solution, you’re ready to do what it takes to make this work.

You Share The Same Values

You know what your values are, and you wouldn’t compromise them for anyone. But it’s okay, because your soulmate doesn’t want you to. They share the same values as you. They have the same morals, principles and ethics. You’re on the same boat, and it’s another one of good signs you found your soulmate.

They Make You Feel Desirable

A soulmate is someone who does many things. Chief among them is that they make us feel super desirable. Your soulmate thinks you’re the most beautiful person on the planet. And they’ll remind you, over and over again.

You Give Each Other Space

Some relationships can be killed off when we smother each other. Without giving each other some space, the relationship becomes too intense that we can’t even breathe. Soulmates don’t do this. Sure, a soulmate wants to see you, and to see you often. But they’re aware enough to know that for a relationship to succeed, it can’t be stuffy and claustrophobic – it has to have breathing space. A soulmate is devoted to you, but they also have their own hobbies. They want you to have your own passions, too. They don’t bombard you with texts and phone calls. They let you have time to yourself, they respect your personal space and care about your inner wellbeing – it’s also one of signs you found your soulmate.

You Literally Never Lash Out

In short-term relationships, there is always a risk that we’ll get annoyed with our partner and lash out at them. It’s because we care for them – but clearly not enough. When it comes to your soulmate, you wouldn’t even dream of lashing out at them. You won’t do anything that would hurt them or make them feel bad. All you want is to make them feel happy and loved. If you get annoyed with them, you talk it out calmly, respectfully and rationally.

You Feel So Safe

A soulmate should make you happy, but they should also make you feel close and – just as importantly – safe and secure.

If a man can’t give you assurances that he’s yours and you’re his, he’s not your soulmate. He hasn’t made up his mind about what he wants.

Rather, a soulmate is a man who lets you know each day that you’re his and he’s yours. He’s given you security, and it’s breathtaking. He’s going to soothe your insecurities, not play on them, and it’s another one of clear signs you found your soulmate.

You’re Ready For Them

Imagine meeting your soulmate at an inexplicable time that’s just no good for you? It doesn’t happen like this. We meet our soulmates at exactly the right time – as though it was destiny, written in the stars. So ask yourself when you met your soulmate. When did he walk into your life? Did he enter your life when you were already married and happy? Or did he enter the stage at precisely the right moment, when you were ready to receive your Prince? This is an important question. If the stars were aligned and you guys met at just the right time, it’s another one of clear signs you found your soulmate and that fate was smiling down on you both.

You Feel His Pain

Not only do you feel his joy and happiness, you also feel his pain and sadness. When he’s upset, you can instinctively sense it and you feel it, too. When there is something on his mind, you just know it. You can always tell when he’s anxious and not going too good, and it breaks your heart. You feel his pain, and you want to be the one who takes his cares away. You want to make his day.

They Make You Feel Amazing

Some partners make us feel lousy. Eventually, we have no choice but to ditch ‘em. Soulmate, on the other hand, makes us feel amazing all the time. They spark our passions, give us confidence and bring the best out of us. When you feel like you are becoming better version of yourself when you are next to a guy – it’s another one of great signs you found your soulmate.

You Have The Same Life Goals

Another reason why short-term romances burn out rather quickly is that the two people just don’t have the same life goals. And unless you share life goals, your relationship was always destined to die one day. On the contrary, if you are on the same page as your partner when it comes to values and what you ultimately want out of life – including where you see yourself in five years time – it’s another one of strong signs you found your soulmate.

Meeting and falling in love with someone who shares our goals is hard. If you’ve met someone who shares yours, cherish them.

You’re Not Afraid Of Having The Big Conversations

Sometimes we shy away from the big conversations with our partner because we worry that we won’t agree on things, and that it could fracture our relationship. However, when you’ve found your soulmate, you have no such concerns. You know how important the big conversations are, if your relationship is to keep progressing in the right direction. You’re also confident that, ultimately, you share the same goals and will be able to come to an agreeable conclusion. You just know that the big conversations are going to strengthen and not weaken this.

You Trust Them 100%

It can be hard to trust a new man in your life, especially if you’ve been badly hurt in the past. But trust is one of the pillars of a successful relationship, and your soulmate makes it easy to trust them. How? By earning it completely through their words and actions. By showing you that they deserve your trust. It is hard to trust all men. But your soulmate is a man you just know you can trust with your life, and it’s another one of distinctive signs you found your soulmate.

They Are Your Best Friend

Lastly, a soulmate is not just a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They are also your very best friend. They are the ones you turn to in the middle of the night when you don’t feel so good, the ones you confide your secrets to, and the ones you laugh with and go on adventures with. They complete you.

Do you want to share other signs you found your soulmate?

Stay happy!

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