10 Wrong and unhealthy reasons why couples stay together

For most people, when it’s over, it’s over. But, sometimes we don’t want to admit it and face up to the fact that it’s time to move on, so we find reasons to keep an unhealthy relationship alive. Sometimes it’s for selfish reasons and sometimes it’s just a lack of courage, but whatever the motivation, it is rare that any reason to stay in a bad relationship is a good reason. If you’re hanging on in there in a bad relationship, then read these wrong reasons that you might be doing it:

1. It’s not bad all the time

If you are reading this, then there is a good chance that the bad times outweigh the good. There probably have been good times and even amazing ones, but if the bad outweigh the good, then it might be time to pack your bags.

2. You are scared of what he will do

Whether you are scared that he might hurt you or scared that he might hurt himself, that is not a healthy relationship to be in. Ultimately, the longer you leave it, the worse it will get. If you are scared for your own safety, then make plans to move out immediately and give him the news in a public place. If you scared that he might hurt himself, then tell one of his friends or a family member, before you make your move, they may be able to help him.

3. You feel comfortable in the relationship, but you aren’t happy

Being comfortable is a long way from being happy. Just because you have a routine and life is easy with him, that doesn’t mean you have to stay with him, if, deep down, you are unhappy. Life, as they say, is too short and you may well regret not making the decision to end it. In years to come, you may find that you are still comfortable, but still not happy.

4. You are staying together for the sake of the children

With divorce and separation, so common these days, most kids are not fazed by a split. They won’t like it, to begin with, but children grow up far happier with mum and dad separated, than they do with mum and dad constantly arguing.

5. No one else will want me

Low self-esteem is one of the most common causes of people staying together, when they shouldn’t. You can often feel, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time, that no one else will find you attractive or that you’ve lost the ability to go out dating again. It might be strange, meeting new people again, but you will be surprised at how quickly you will get back into the swing of dating again and enjoy it.

6. You don’t want to hurt your partner

You can genuinely care for a person, but not want to live with them. This can be a difficult situation, but you have to think of your own happiness too. It’s also not fair to him, if you are living a lie. He will be probably be grateful, in the long run, that you made the decision to end the relationship.

7. You are afraid of being on your own

An irrational fear of being alone is another reason often cited by people who stay in unhappy relationships. Instead of thinking about all the negatives of being single, try thinking about all the fantastic things you will be able to do as a single woman. This is your chance to do all those things that you’ve secretly been wishing you could do and now you’ll be living with someone who always agrees with you – you!

8. Everyone else likes him

Just because your family adore him and your friends think he’s a hunk, doesn’t mean that they know what he’s like to live with. This is one thing that you have to do for yourself and not make a decision based on what others think.

9. Finances

If money is all that’s keeping you in the relationship, then you know that it isn’t right and the relationship is not a genuine one. If you are using someone for their money, then that is unfair and you need to find ways to support yourself. Get out and find your independence and you will feel far happier in the long run.

10. He’ll change

If he knew that he was making you unhappy and he cared for you, then he would have changed his ways by now. A leopard can’t change its spots and a man can’t change his ways, so it is very unlikely that you will change your man for the better.

Do you know some other wrong and unhealthy reasons why couples stay together?

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Stay happy!

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