10 Wonderful relationship rules for happy love

When you find your perfect match, the effort doesn’t stop there. It’s then that you really have to start working on your relationship. It takes effort to make a relationship grow into something that is special and that will last. It won’t all be plain sailing though, we all make slips and mistakes and that can sour a relationship, so here are ten simple rules that can help keep your relationship on track:

1. Always say what you mean

Open your mind and your heart to your partner and be prepared to share your innermost thoughts and desires. Share your feelings honestly with each other and it will help to build the trust that will keep your relationship strong.

2.  Always tell the truth

There can only be trust where there is truth, so never keep anything from your partner. If you do, it will play on your mind. In the end, even the smallest of lies, if maintained over a long period of time, will grow in importance to your partner and it could become a big deal.

3. Stay faithful

No matter what anyone says, fidelity in a relationship is vital and infidelity is rarely really forgiven. Once you have crossed that boundary and cheated, you will never feel the same about your relationship, let alone how your partner will feel.

4. Don’t criticize your partner, be their biggest fan instead

No one is perfect, but you should be your partner’s biggest fan, not their harshest critic. A little gentle suggestion, here and there, of things that perhaps they could do differently is fine, but constant nit-picking and put downs are not the way to nurture a happy relationship.

5. Learn how to say sorry

One of the rules that should never be broken is being able and willing to say sorry, when you are in the wrong. Learning how to apologise and to not hold grudges is an important lesson on the way to learning how to live with, and love, another person.

6. Always reserve time for just the two of you

Never forget to make time for each other, OK, the kids have to be getting to school, you have to work late, there’s always something that has to be done. So make a time in the day, or a day in the week, when you just switch off the outside world for a while, and concentrate on having some quality time together.

7. Listen without passing judgment

Sometimes, your partner just needs you to listen, you don’t always have to judge and give advice. If you are constantly judging each other’s actions and assume that you know better, you will end up just stop telling each other things.

8. Don’t let your love become boring

Do fresh and exciting things and it will keep your love strong and you will both be happier. You have to learn to embrace and love the ordinary, that’s a part of life, but don’t be afraid to be adventurous, sometimes and experience a little more of what the world has to offer.

9. Respect your individuality, as well as each other

You are a person as well as a partner, so love yourself as an individual. Each of you has the right to be an individual and not just ‘the other half’, so respect this and you will grow stronger together as a team.

10. Don’t forget to love

Make a point of showing your love, at least once, each and every day. No one likes to be taken for granted. Make sure that your partner knows that they are appreciated by remembering to make one simple gesture of affection, or telling them how much you care and it will help to stop the relationship from going stale.

What is the secret to a happy love? What is your best relationship advice?

Stay happy!

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