10 Ways to know if you are ready for a serious relationship

We often wonder who would make our perfect partner and ask ourselves: ‘Is that guy right for me?’ But it rarely crosses our mind to ask if we are ready for a serious relationship yet. So, before you dive headlong into a relationship, here are some questions to ask of yourself, before you commit to anything too serious:

1. Are you able to accept someone for who they are?

One of the worse things that you can do is to enter into a relationship with a view of ‘That’s OK, I can change him’. Although, in a healthy relationship, you will bring out the best in each other, you will also need to respect a person’s individuality and be prepared to just let some things go.

2. Does a relationship really fit into your life plans?

In the heat of the moment, it might be easy to think that you will put those plans for a backpacking trip of Australia to one side, but you might regret that later. Be sure that have done all the things that you dreamed of doing or that you will be able to do them in a relationship, or it could cause some very damaging resentment.

3. Are you still thinking about an ex?

If you haven’t been able to fully let go of an ex yet, then you are not ready for a serious relationship. In fact, you might be entering into this one for all the wrong reasons. It’s really unfair to get really serious with one person, while you are secretly harbouring feelings for another.

4. Are you ready to let go of the single life?

You might just be enjoying the free and single life so much that you are not yet ready to give that up. A relationship doesn’t mean that you have put a stop to having fun, but some things will definitely have to change.

5. Are you ready to take a risk?

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, but things don’t always work out. Like it or not, when you enter into a serious relationship, you are taking a risk. People change, circumstances change and your feelings can change. There are no guarantees and, if it doesn’t work out, it can hurt, so make sure you are ready to take that risk.

6. Are you prepared to make compromises?

A serious relationship will mean the blending of two separate lives into one and that will mean making some compromises. You should, of course, still keep up your own interests and stay in touch with friends, but you will need to consider someone else now too. This could include what restaurants you eat in, where you go for holidays and mixing with his friends and family, who you may not like. Are you ready for that?

7. Are you afraid of being on your own?

Just as some people may not be ready to let go of the single life, others can’t bear the thought of being alone. This is not a good a reason to get serious with someone and it’s a very selfish one. Be sure in your mind that you are not doing this just to be with someone, anyone, just because you don’t want to be on your own.

8. Do you have unrealistic expectations?

The reality of a relationship is not the same as a fairy tale, so make sure you are not expecting too much. It sounds a really negative thing to say, but once you have got past the initial excitement, things do calm down and even become a bit mundane, at times, so make sure you are ready to accept that.

9. Are you happy now?

Don’t commit to another person just because you are unhappy now. The best time to enter into a relationship is when you feel happy and you are comfortable in your own skin. Finding a partner may well lift your mood, but don’t do it just for that purpose.

10. Is this really love?

This has turned out to be quite a negative post and one that could put anyone off relationships for life! The truth is, that only you will really know if you’re ready for a serious relationship and if you are doing it for the right reasons. After all, if you really love someone, you’re not going to listen to us anyway!

Stay happy!

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