10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

Men think that they have a hard time choosing the perfect gift for their Valentine, but then, they always have the old favourites of chocolates and flowers to fall back on. Buying a Valentine’s day gift for your husband or boyfriend though, can be a lot trickier than that, so here are Valentine’s day gift ideas for men to help you out.

1. Man up the chocolates

You can fall back on the favourite of chocolates for men too, just make them up a little and buy liquor chocolates for him. You can find chocolates that are filled with a selection of liquors and spirits or just his favourite one. If your man is more of a beer lover, then search around because you can buy beer filled chocolates too.

2. Travel mug

If your man commutes to work and loves his coffee, then how about a travel mug for his favourite morning brew. There is no end of different designs of vacuum travel mugs available, so pick one that suits your man and let him have hot coffee, all the way to work.

3. Beer making kit

Beer making kit is another one of great Valentine’s day gift ideas for men. Most guys love beer and they also love to experiment and make things. A beer making kit will give him the best of both. The kits usually contain everything he will need to brew up a batch of favourite beer or, you can get kits for drinks like brandy and whisky too.

4. Treat him to an experience

Send him on day rock climbing, skydiving or rally car driving, and give your man a day to remember. Even better, make a day that you can share and have fun together. Experience days can be bought from a number of different websites and you are usually flexible on the date that you attend, so you don’t even have to check his diary first.

5. Custom candy treats

For the man with a sweet tooth, try a gift pack of his favourite childhood candy. There are loads to choose from and some that you can get personalised with a message or photo printed on them.

6. Sports Memorabilia

A lot of guys love sport and follow a particular team or sports personality, so have a hunt around on eBay for something a bit special. He would probably love an autographed memento of his favourite team or sportsperson.

7. A photo for his desk

Valentine’s day gift ideas for men shouldn’t always be expensive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your man to show him how much you love him. An inexpensive, but still very thoughtful gift is a nice framed photo of the two of you together. He will appreciate the thought and the effort and he can keep it on his desk at work or at home.

8. Underwear

Men’s underwear might not be as much fun, as ladies lingerie, but it’s still a nice and personal gift, and it’s practical too. You can make it more interesting by buying fun undies, his and hers, or even have a personal message printed on them.

9. Gadgets

Men love their gadgets and we could make a whole post on the possibilities here. Whatever he’s into, be it photography, computers, or gaming, there will be an accessory or a gadget to go with it.

10. Aftershave

And finally, a Valentine’s gift that is always a safe choice is aftershave or a Cologne. Pick up a bottle of his favourite or choose one that you particularly like and it will remind of you, every time he wears it.

Do you have in mind some other Valentine’s day gift ideas for men?

Stay happy!

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