10 Useful tips on how to compliment a man

Men can be strangely suspicious of compliments. It’s like they are wondering what a person’s real motive is, when they receive a nice compliment. That could be because men don’t complement each other as readily, as women do, so when they do receive a compliment, it comes as a bit of shock! They do love it though, especially when a girl is generous with a compliment, so here are ten tips on how you make his day:

1. No fake compliments

Our first tip on how to compliment a man is avoid making fake compliments. Men may not have that much practice in the art of compliments, but they can still spot a fake, when they hear it. If you are going to compliment a man, then make it sincere and real. If you really can’t find a sincere compliment to make, then it’s best to make none at all.

2. Avoid completing his physique

Guys are pretty touchy about their own body and even a sincere appreciation of a man’s body might be taken the wrong way. Most men have hang-ups about size, strength and stamina, and they are quite likely to think that any comment about their body is a criticism or that you are just being sarcastic.

3. Use the indirect compliment

Another tip on how to compliment a man is – try to make an indirect compliment. If you agree with someone, then you are paying them an indirect compliment, by affirming that they are right. The simplest way to compliment a guy is to agree. Agree that Italian is the best kind of food or that black shoes look cooler than brown, whatever! Agreeing on something is a far more subtle compliment, than coming right out with: ‘You have really the most wonderful taste!’

4. Compliment on how he looks

Men don’t generally worry about style quite as much, as women do, but they still like you to notice if they have made an effort. So a good tip to remember, if you are complimenting a guy on his clothes, is to compliment the man and not the clothing. What you should be saying is: ‘You look really good in that suit’ and not: ‘That suit looks really great’.

5. Use your smile

Another simple suggestion on how to compliment a man is – use your beautiful smile. You can give a compliment to a guy just by smiling at him, he will be so be happy! An appreciative and genuine smile will make him feel good about himself and you don’t have to say a single word.

6. Tell him that he is really good at what he is doing

Men do take their work seriously and giving him a boost on this aspect of his life will really please him. It doesn’t matter what his job is, if you tell him that you are impressed with the way that he does it, he will be buzzing with pride.

7. Tell him that he’s interesting and that you love spending time with him

If there is one thing that most men never want to be accused of, that’s being boring. Pay attention to what a guy is saying. Look interested, sound interested and say that it’s interesting. Guys just love it when they have a girl’s full attention and they are being listened to.

8. Make them feel indispensable

Men don’t only like to feel wanted, they want to know that you couldn’t possibly live without them. When he picks up something heavy for you, let him know that you couldn’t have done that without him and you’ll give his manly pride a massive boost.

9. Compliment his intelligence

Another tip on how to compliment a man is to compliment his intelligence. It’s not all about brawn, men like you to know that they have brains too. Not all guys are Nobel winning physicists, but they are all good at something. Even the biggest Mr Tough Guy in town would like to be complimented for his smarts occasionally, so don’t forget to mention it, when he knows something that you don’t.

10. Catch him off-guard with something spontaneous and unexpected 

You can really get a guy’s head spinning if you compliment him on something a bit unusual. Tell him that you love his eyes or the way that he’s so gentle when he’s around you, and you will get straight to his heart. Don’t say things like that in front of his buddies though, he’ll never live it down!

How to compliment a man? Do you have some other tips?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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