10 Types of people to keep out of your life

There are some types of people that you just know, straight away, that you don’t want to be around. But some people that can have a negative impact on you aren’t so obvious. Other people can really impact on your mood and how you view the world around you, so check out these 10 types of people that you would be best advised to steer well clear of:

1. Scroungers

A friend in need is fine, but a friend who always needs help or a handout can be draining. This might seem a bit harsh, but sometimes these people don’t really need the help and they can tarnish your view of the people who really do need it.

2. Pessimists

Negative people will get you down and, before long, you will find yourself agreeing with them! For these people, not only is their glass half empty, it’s probably got a leak in it too, and if you hang around with them their negative view of life will rub off on you.

3. Poisonous gossips

We all like a little bit of gossip, but when that gossip hurts people, then that ceases to be just harmless fun. Don’t even give these people the chance to talk badly of others because next time, their target could be you.

4. People who look for arguments

Some people just love an argument. They complain about the service in every restaurant you go in, and they always seem to take offence at something. It’s the argument that they enjoy, and the chance to try and look big. All they will do is cause you embarrassment and potentially get you in awkward situations.

5. Anything you can do, I can do better

These people are just looking for the one-upmanship move. They will always have a better car than you, been on better holidays and they will buy a new, better pair of shoes, if you do. These people won’t poison your mind, but it will get very tiresome.

6. Lazy people

Lazy people can be a bad influence on anyone. Sit with them for long enough and they will have you convinced that you don’t need to put that extra hour in at work, or even get back from lunch on time. Stick to your guns and don’t be dragged down to their way of thinking.

7. Those who fail to dream

Dreams can come true, but you have to believe in them. Some people, however, don’t have any dreams or ambitions and they will do their very best to make you stop dreaming too. Don’t let go of your dreams just because they have.

8. All talk and no trousers!

They’ve been there, seen it, done it, and all they want to do is talk about it. But really, they don’t do anything but talk. People who really have succeeded in life don’t talk that loudly about it, so don’t pay attention to the big talker, it’s probably just big words and little else.

9. Can’t go out of the comfort zone

If you want adventure and new challenges, then don’t spend your time in the company of comfort seekers. They wouldn’t even dare to try a new restaurant and nor will you be able to try it, if you are with them all the time.

10. Those that you can never please

Some people just cannot be pleased. ‘You don’t visit, you never call, and we don’t go out together enough’, will be their constant complaints. These people are the clingy ones and you never will be able to do enough for them, so you might better off without them.

Stay happy!

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