10 Types of men you should absolutely avoid

They say that the here are good guys out there, but sadly there are a lot of not so good ones too. Mr Wrong, though, can be quite good at hiding his true colours at first, so don’t fall into his trap. Here’s a list of ten types of guys that absolutely have to be avoided.

1. The control freak

This kind of guy is more than just annoying. He’s the one that will tell you what to wear and how to talk and he will be expecting you to hang on his every word. Don’t fall for the control freak because he may seem, at first, to be simply masterful and strong, but he won’t be happy until he has complete control over you.

2. The player

There’s at least one of these in every bar and every club. He’s the ‘Jack the Lad’, with an eye for the ladies. He’s charming, suave and he has all the lines, but he also has a phone book as big, as an encyclopaedia. You can put money on the fact that his charming one-liners will not just be reserved for you, so give the ‘Player’ a very wide berth, if you are looking for any kind of commitment at all.

3. Mummy’s boy

These guys can be a bit harder to spot at first. He’s probably well dressed and always punctual, but that’s because his mummy laid out his clothes for him and gave him a lift to meet you. Some guys never come out from behind their mothers skirts, so beware; she will always be in the background, making all his decisions for him. Even worst, if you get sucked in, you could find yourself sharing your whole life with both him and with her.

4. Mr Know-it-all

Not only has Mr Know-it-all been there, seen it, done it, and got the t-shirt, he was the first to get there, did it the best and he probably invented it in the first place! This guy will have an opinion on everything and you will always be wrong. If you are unsure if a guy falls into this category, just watch your friends’ faces when he is talking. If they are gazing around the room and stifling yawns, then you have net a Mr Know-it-all.

5. The in love with himself man

There won’t be any rolling in the hay with this guy, because he’ll be scared it will ruffle his hair or get his clothes dirty. Everyone likes a well groomed man, but if his appearance is his obsession, then that’s just a bore. This is the type of guy who will check his reflection at very possible opportunity and spend longer in the bathroom than you do. Watch out for this man because he probably loves himself far more, than he will ever love you.

6. The primo uomo

With the male version of prima donna, everything is a major event. If you turn up five minutes late, then it will be the end of the world, and every minor disagreement will become a major fight. He will also be one for throwing his toys out of the pram and you will get tired of hearing how ‘it’s all over’.

7. The party animal

The party animal just never wants to grow up or stop partying. This can seem great at first; it’s just one long line of fantastic nights out, one after the other. This guy never stops though, and eventually you will probably grow tired of being out all night and not getting enough sleep. He won’t though; he’ll just go out with someone else instead.

8. The scrounger

This guy’s idea of sharing will be at odds with your own and, the only time he will take out his wallet is to check that his money is all still in there. It may not even be that he has no money of his own, it’s just that has an aversion to spending it. He also will nag you when you spend too much, unless of course, you spend it on him.

9. The liar

The liar should be dumped at the first opportunity. Some people become so used to lying that almost don’t realise they are doing it and they become very good at it too. You have to have trust in a relationship, but if a guy is a habitual liar, then you will never believe him fully, even when he is being honest. Don’t get too involved with a guy like this, because if he can lie about one thing, then he can lie about anything.

10. The cheat

The cheat is to be avoided whether he has cheated on you, or he is cheating on another. Be careful, though, because these guys can be pretty manipulative. Whether he is telling you that he will never do it again, or telling you he will leave his wife, can this guy ever really be trusted?

Stay happy!

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