10 Types Of Guys You Should Never Marry

We all want to marry a Prince Charming. But what are the types of guys we should never marry? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the 10 types of guys you need to avoid like the plague.

Many girls start planning their wedding day before they’re even a teenager. We look forward to it for years. We know exactly what we want it to look like. We even have a vision of our future husband. He’s smart, funny, and unbelievably handsome. He knows how to treat us right, and we just know we’re going to spend the rest of our life with him.

However, these Disney visions of Prince Charming soon make way for the reality as we get older. As it turns out, no man is absolutely perfect. Guys – just like us – have flaws. There is no such thing as Mr Perfect.

What this means is that there will be guys who, on the surface of things, look cool. They’re attractive and funny – but they’re not the type you should marry. But how do you know when a guy isn’t cut out for marriage? Let’s take a look at the 10 types of guys you should never marry.

Mr Commitment Issues

It’s really hard getting certain guys to commit. Like, really hard. Unlike most girls, guys have this thing about “feeling trapped”. They don’t want to get tied down to one woman for the rest of their lives. They want to “live a little” and see what else is out there before they’re too old.

When you finally get a guy to commit, it’s amazing. But if you’re struggling to get a guy to commit, we’ve got some bad news – even if he did commit, there is a strong chance he’s still got an exit plan in the back of his mind.

Some guys – especially guys under 40 – have a hard time with commitment. They like you and enjoy your company. But they’ve always got that feeling that they want to see what else is out there.

This kind of guy isn’t marriage material. Long-term dating is hard enough for him. Imagine how trapped he’d feel in a marriage?

Mr No Ambitions

Everyone goes through a transitional period in life where they’re trying to figure things out. Maybe you were dating a guy who’d just started his transitional period. He’d just quit his job, stayed at home a lot and whiled away the hours on his video games.

“I’m thinking about my next move,” he told you.

After a year, he was still thinking.

Some guys never seem to figure out what it is they want from life. Some can’t make their minds up about having kids. Our advice to you would be to move on from this type of guy and find someone who knows exactly what their purpose is.

Mr Negative

If you’ve got a guy who pours cold water over your dreams and literally doesn’t support you in anything, you’re hardly going to be driven to be the best you can be.

Your husband should be your biggest cheerleader who encourages you to defy the odds. Let go of all negativity in your life – don’t marry it!

Mr Bad Boy

The good guys have never understood why girls are so hypnotised by bad boys.

“He treats you so badly, he doesn’t play by the rules. Why do you like him so much?”

There is an undeniable attraction to rebels who don’t play by the rules. They’re mysterious and dangerous, and for some girls that’s a great pull. It’s magnetic!

The problem is that, while dating a bad boy in the short-term is like being on an exciting roller coaster, over the long-term it brings its own problems.

And things can get much worse if you marry a bad boy. He’s a rebel by nature. What’s the worst that could happen if you marry him? We don’t even want to go there …

Mr Cheat

If he’s cheated in the past, there is a strong possibility he will do it again – despite what he’s promised you.

Cheaters are just not good news, and they’re definitely not marriage material. An affair is a massive stain on his copybook, and it should act as a huge red flag.

Mr Narcissist

Narcissists are generally bad news. According to the classic myth, the original Greek Narcissist was so in love with himself that he looked at his own reflection in the water for too long – and subsequently drowned!

The lesson is that a Narcissist is so absorbed in themselves that they forget everyone else. They believe in their elevated status, and it takes its toll on their relationships.

Marry a Narcissist? Sounds like a living hades to us!

Mr Control

Everyone likes a bit of control, but control freaks take things way too far.

Especially male control freaks.

Men have evolved in such a way that, when male control freaks don’t get what they want, they react only one way – they get angry. And when a control freak gets angry, they become intimidating.

Sometimes, they even get physically violent. The control freak loses control.

Marrying a control freak shouldn’t even be an option. The only people that can help them are professionally trained therapists. You should just move on.

Mr Insecure

Like Mr Control, Mr Insecure loses control every now and then. He can be so insecure about himself that just seeing you smile at another man can set him off.

Jealousy destroys relationships. If your man still can’t get to grips with his insecurities, it might be time to find someone who’s so confident in himself that suspicion isn’t even in his vocabulary.

Mr Know It All

At first, you were attracted by his smartness. It’s great when a guy has brains. It’s sexy. He knew things you didn’t know, and he was teaching you stuff.

But it soon became apparent that he thought he knew everything. Literally. He was always right, and he made sure you knew it.

And when you express an opinion that was different to his? He’ll shout you down and “prove” that you’re wrong.

Mr Push Over

It might have been fun at first when he lent you his credit card without any questions. But if you’ve got a guy who can’t make the big calls and stand up to you at all, it’s going to kill the relationship.

Stay happy!

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