10 Truthful things you need to know about long-term relationships

Once that feeling of discovery and excitement that you get in the early months of a relationship begin to subside, things start to get a bit more relaxed, and easy going. It’s then that you need to learn how you are going to live with each other and work as a team. Love doesn’t die, just because you’ve been together for some time, but it does change. Now, you have to deal with the reality of living in close proximity with another person and that includes their habits, good and bad. If you are in a relationship that looks like it will last, we don’t want to ruin the moment for you, but here are ten truthful things about long term relationships that you have to look forward to.

1. You become part of the “couples club”

When you’ve been in a relationship for some time, you become a bona fide ‘couple’ and that entitles you to membership the ‘couples club’.  You find that all your invites are made out to the two of you, you begin to make a new circle of friends, all of whom are also couples. If you’re not married yet, then the pressure will start to mount for you to make that move too.

2. You start to speak in your own language

There will be times when you find you and your partner are talking, but no one else has a clue what you are talking about. You will have shared so many things together that you will have your secret jokes that no one else will get, and you will talk about things that only the two of you know anything about.

3. You stop snuggling in bed every night

Snuggling up in bed together is nice, but it’s not long before you realise that your own space and a good night’s sleep is nice too. You will find that you both have your own sides of the bed and you actually become quite territorial about it.

4. You stop worrying about making noises in the bathroom

It’s not long before you realise that you can’t do what nature intended you to do every morning in stealth mode forever. You both relax more about your bodily functions when you realise that you are both the same. The next step after that is that you don’t even worry about closing the door.

5. You find out that a vacation is not a vacation without an argument

You also learn that long term couples cannot take a holiday without having at least one really good fight. It’s a couple’s tradition, so live with it! Inevitably, you will have forgotten to pack something important, or he will park the car ten miles from the airport terminal so it doesn’t get scratched. There will always be something that sets off the annual vacation fight.

6. The in-laws get a bit too comfortable about coming round

Once you have achieved the status of long term couple, you will have also opened the door to the in-laws; literally. Not only will they start to stay a little longer with you, they will also start to come and visit when they were ‘passing’. It doesn’t matter that you were just on your way out somewhere; you’ve just got to say: “How lovely to see you!”

7. Everyone wants to know how your partner is

Long term partners seem to be expected to be in each other’s pockets, day and night, so if you turn somewhere without yours, all people are going to be interested in what he is doing and if he is OK. You will be asked so many times how your partner is doing, what he’s been up to and how he’s been keeping, you will be tempted to scream: “Why don’t you phone him and ask him yourself!”

8. Romantic gifts become more practical

Long term partners think more about the practicality and the usefulness of gifts. You won’t be thinking so much about whether or not he will love his gift, but whether he will use it and if it will last a long time. You will feel just the same about the gifts that he buys for you too. You will still love the flowers he bought you for your birthday, but they only last a few days. Eventually, you will get into the habit of simply asking each other what you want for a gift, because it’s a much more practical way of doing things.

9. You will know all about each other’s embarrassing medical issues

There really are no secrets between long term partners and that includes all the various medical issues that will crop up during a long term relationship. You won’t try and hide that huge boil that has developed on your back, you will be asking him to take a look at it!

10. You will learn to love things about your partner that other people would just find weird

People in long term relationships actually come to love the weirdest things about their partners. His weird morning ritual that cannot be altered, the strange noises he makes when he is dreaming and the annoying way that he chomps on his potato chips. They all, strangely, become things that you love about him, and things that you’d miss if he weren’t around.

Stay happy!

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