10 Tips to help you stop crying and get over him

Come on! It’s time to put down the box of Kleenex, get your makeup back in order, and start looking forward again, rather than back. When you break up with a boyfriend, you have to go through a period of sadness, and it’s best to get it out of the way, rather than try and hold all your emotions inside you. The crying has to end at some point though, so read these ten tips on how to stop the crying and how to start getting over your ex.

1. Clear out the reminders

Have a good tidy up around your home and put all the reminders of him out of sight. Old books of his, things he left in the bathroom, photographs and any clothes he left around your place – all have to go. It might be a little painful to do, but you’ll be glad you did it, when those constant reminders of him are out of the way.

2. Break all contact with him

You are going to just have to let it go, so unfollow him on Twitter and unfriend him on Facebook. Make a clean beak of it, because you have no need to follow his movements anymore and it will only make the pain last for longer if you do.

3. Get out with your friends

Don’t sit at home alone thinking about him, fill your free time by going out more with your friends. They will be able to give you support, they will help take your mind off him and they will also put that smile back on your face.

4. Stop searching for answers

Stop analysing what went wrong and searching for reasons for why it didn’t work out. You can’t turn back the clock anyway, so forget all the ‘what if’s’ and start concentrating your efforts on your new life.

5. Give it time

Don’t be hard on yourself, if you do have sad moments when memories seem to come flooding back. That’s going to happen, but those moments will become fewer and fewer over time.

6. Don’t jump straight back into another relationship

The reasons for you getting a new relationship straight away are probably not the right reasons. Because of this, rebound relationships hardly ever work, so give dating a break for a while and give time a chance to do the healing.

7. Get active

Physical activity will help clear your mind and it is a great way to get rid of some of that sadness you may be feeling too. Take your anger out on some equipment at the gym or, get out into the fresh air for a brisk walk or run.

8. Don’t pretend that you can get back together

One of the most dangerous things that you can do is to begin living with the false hope that you will get back together again with your ex. If you do this, you will probably find that you put your whole life on hold, while you continue to obsess over him. This is neither healthy, nor is it productive, so let go straight sway and get on with living again.

9. Enjoy the single life for a while

There’s a great deal to be said for being single, so make the most of it while you can! You can do whatever you like and go wherever you choose, so make yourself the priority for a change and have a great time!

10. Reconnect with who you are

You’ve also now got a chance to find out who you are again, outside of a relationship. Remember how strong and happy you were before the relationship? Well, now you can be that way again. Breakups are never easy for anyone but, they do make us stronger and more independent, and, perhaps, a just little wiser too.

How to deal with breakup? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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