10 Tips to help you judge your boyfriend’s faithfulness

Are you worried that your boyfriend might be being unfaithful to you? Or perhaps you would just like the comfort of being sure that he’s playing it straight? You don’t want to appear to be over possessive or untrusting, because that can drive him away, so check out these signs that he is behaving himself, and put your mind at rest:

1. His friends know all about you

His friends will know what’s really going on, so if they seem a bit embarrassed, when they meet you, then perhaps he is hiding something. On the other hand, if they know all about you, then he is obviously talking a lot about you, and you can begin to put your concerns about him to one side.

2. He calls you up, for no reason

Does he call or text you for no reason at all? Then that’s not likely to be someone with something to hide. That’s more likely to be a man who is smitten and can’t see through a whole day without talking to you or thinking about you.

3. Does he always tell you about his day?

You can’t be a guy’s keeper, and know his every move, that would just be too clingy, but when your man is not playing away, he is more likely to tell you what he’s been up to anyway. He will want to share with you what is going in his life and what his plans are. It’s when he has nothing to say about his day that you should worry.

4. He only has eyes for you

If he has a bad case of the roving eyes, then you know his mind is not always with you. Men can’t help but to glance at another pretty girl, but so long as it’s a glance and it is not a longing stare, then you can be happy that you are the one that he wants to be with.

5. He wants to please you

A man who asks for your opinion on his appearance is definitely trying to please you and no one else. If he wants to wear his hair the way that you like it and dress in the clothes that you prefer, then there’s probably nobody else on the scene.

6. He always answers his phone in front of you

So long as he’s not going to another room to answer his phone, then he has nothing to hide. A guilty man will act guilty, and the phone is usually what will give him away! It’s when he stops taking calls or pretending that it’s always a wrong number that you’ve got to start wondering.

7. He lets you see what he’s doing on the computer

If he leaves his laptop switched on, when he goes to the bathroom, then he’s not hiding who he has been talking to online. When he hurriedly switches off the computer, when you enter the room, is what you need to watch for.

8. He can’t keep his hands off you

Disinterest in the bedroom is always a bad sign, but if he’s just as keen, as he ever was, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Most men find it harder than you might think, to be deceitful, and the one place that will always show, is when you go to bed.

9. He talks about the future with you

When he’s talking about a future that you are in, then he’s not thinking of a future with someone else. If he’s hiding something, then he will be noncommittal about things, all the way from something as simple, as planning a vacation, through to planning a family. He will be trying to avoid committing to anything, or anything that might involve you.

10. You don’t argue often

An increase in the fighting is often a good indication that something is wrong. Some guys will actually try and instigate fights, as a kind of justification, for they are doing, so if your man is as placid and calm and tries to avoid fights, then he’s still onside.

Do you have some other tips on how to judge a man’s faithfulness?

Stay happy!

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