10 Tips On How To Treat Your Love Like A Muscle

Just like you work-out to strengthen your muscles, you need to work hard and do the right things in order to have a strong and happy relationship. In this article, Beauty and Tips offers 10 tips on how to treat your love like a muscle so that it blossoms.

Personal happiness is a goal for many of us. It’s not always an easy goal to aspire to, of course! But relationship happiness? That can be an even harder goal to achieve, primarily because there are two of you involved.

Relationships have their ups and downs. They have their storms and clouds, but they also have their rainbows and sunshine. But what do you need to do in order to reduce the amount of storms and clouds your relationship has, as well as minimise the damage? One way is to treat it like you would a muscle. In other words, do the right things.

Here are 10 tips on how to keep your relationship healthy and happy.

Talk Openly

Communication is regarded as the bedrock to a happy, strong and lasting relationship. And for good reason. Without open communication, a relationship flounders on misunderstandings. Things are left unsaid, resentment builds, and secrets are kept.

Couples who stay together for a long time know the value of communication. They talk openly about everything. They discuss what’s on their mind and nip problems in the bud quickly before they get out of control.

Don’t keep things to yourself. Don’t expect your partner to be able to read your mind. Talk to them frequently. Be open, honest and sincere.

Give Each Other Space

It can be hard to let our partner have their own space so they can things without us. Especially when we want to do everything with them and can’t understand why they don’t want us around!

But just as important as your partner having their own space is you having your own space.

We all need time apart to do our own things, otherwise we can start to feel trapped and on top of each other. Allow some breathing space in your relationship. It’ll make the time you spend together even more precious, too.

Remember The Small Things

A lot of us are so often distracted by the big stuff that we forget the small things that make a relationship so good. We forget to say thank you to our partner, or to ask them please.

We forget to make small talk with them over dinner, or ask how their day went.

These are small but important things that we do during the early days of a relationship, but then neglect as time wears on.

Niceties go a long way in a relationship. They take no effort to do, and they show that you still care about each other.

Be Positive

If you’re a complainer who is always being negative, you will bring the relationship to its knees.

Be optimistic. Look for the positives. Smile! Laugh!

Take Regular Breaks

We get that there might be times when the two of you won’t be able to afford a big vacation. Sometimes, you might be strapped for money.

But if possible, it’s important that you take as many breaks away together as possible.

These don’t have to cost a fortune. You could rent an AirBnB for just two days or so. You could even spend a night in a tent or a budget hotel. Or even a caravan!

What’s more important is that you’re able to take breaks from the monotony of regular life together. It gets you away from the stress of work, and gives you the chance to spend some quality time together.

Don’t Project

If something is bothering you and on your mind, don’t make it your partners problem. Be mindful of projecting it onto them.

Be self aware enough to identify your own weaknesses, and then work on resolving them before they destroy the relationship.


Some people have great difficult compromising. But unless you can compromise, it will be very difficult for your relationship to stay strong and healthy.

Compromises are important. You can’t stick stubbornly to your guns now that you’re in a relationship with someone. It can’t all be take. There has to be some give.

Be flexible about things. Be prepared to step down from an ideal from time to time and accept a compromise with your partner. If you’re of the “my way of the highway” attitude, you’ll both be taking the highway very soon.

Admit When You Are Wrong

Arguments can be corrosive. But arguments happen in all relationships. Even couples who have been together for years and years, and who to all intents and purposes look very happy and settled, will still have fights.

It’s not the fights themselves you need to be wary of. It’s how you deal with them and react to them. Handle them the wrong way, and the fires will grow and grow.

Admit when you are wrong – even when you’re not. Take responsibility. Accept your mistakes. Listen to what the other person is saying. Be prepared to back down on a point. Don’t go to war seeking victory. Go into an argument looking for an amicable situation that is in both of your best interests.

Be Vulnerable

How can your partner get close to the real you unless you’re prepared to be vulnerable?

Don’t be afraid of showing your vulnerability. Be human. They will love you all the more for it.


“I always listen to my partner.”

Do you really and truly actively listen to your partner? Or do you let them talk while you watch TV?

Actively listening to your partner is important for a few reasons. It shows them that you respect them, and it also means that there will be fewer misunderstandings.

Give them your undivided attention when they talk to you. Show them you’re listening by asking questions, nodding your head and then actually acting on what they say.

Don’t pretend to listen. Actually listen. It’s a lot easier than you think!

Stay happy!

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