10 Tips on how to survive a breakup

The shock of a breakup can take anyone a long time to get over. No one goes into a relationship, expecting it to end, so when it does end, it’s painful and, what’s worse, it usually comes as a complete surprise. Even though it’s something that just about everyone goes through, and everyone is great at giving advice about, when it actually happens to you, it’s still unbelievably difficult to deal with it. But, while it may not feel like it at the time, you will survive it and, here are ten tips that may make that survival a little a bit easier:

1. Don’t run away

The first temptation of most people is to run away somewhere and hide. While new surroundings and time on your own might seem like a good idea, you won’t know anyone and you will be all on your own. All you will probably do is just sit and think about it, and make yourself feel even worse, so give this one a miss.

2. Get out, and get on with it!

Getting over it means getting on with it. You are going to be upset and you are going to feel like doing nothing at all, but staying indoors and becoming a hermit won’t help at all. Dating may not be on the agenda yet, but getting out with friends should be. So another good tip on how to survive a breakup is to, of course, take your time, by all means, but don’t leave yourself with too much time on your hands.

3. Don’t expect to heal overnight

Each person has their own timetable for healing, so go with what feels right for you. Don’t rush it though, it’s not unusual for it to take more than six months to get over a relationship and there is nothing wrong with that, so long as you don’t let the grief take over the whole of your life.

4. There should be no going back!

Don’t text him, don’t call, and don’t even check him out on Facebook. Trying to get back with an ex is never, ever a good move and certainly not within the first twelve months of a breakup. Time will heal, but going back will only prolong the pain, so don’t be tempted to try.

5. Try to think about the future

Change is never easy but, when you are ready, start to plan for the future. This is only one chapter in your life that has come to the end, so now start to think about how the rest of that book will go and we would bet on it being great!

6. Seek support

Another good suggestion on how to survive a breakup is to seek support. Don’t try and deal with those feelings, all on your own, because you are not alone and other people know exactly how you feel. Spend time with family and friends and do listen to their advice. Just being with people who love you, and will never leave you, will give you a whole lot of new strength.

7. Switch off the clichés!

Whatever you do, try and avoid the sad romantic movies and mournful ballads. This is not the time to be listening to Mariah Carey singing “I Can’t Live (If Living Is without You)”. Seriously, just switch it off and put on something like “Gangnam Style”!

8. Look after yourself

Another temptation is to give up and let yourself go, so, our next tip on how to survive a breakup is not to stop caring about yourself. Make sure that you are eating properly, keep up the exercise routine and take care of your appearance. This will slowly help bring back your own self confidence and, make you feel a lot better about yourself.

9. Don’t try to find replacements

Let the hurt work its own natural course and don’t try and mask it with artificial replacements. This includes alcohol, rebound relationships and even over-eating. None of them will help in the long run.

10. Remember that it will get better and you will love again

We said to ignore the clichés but this is one that is true! While it may take a while for you to realise the truth of it, you will get over this breakup and you will love again. All it takes is a little time, so hang on in there, and be patient.

How to survive a breakup? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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