10 Tips on how to meet new people in a new city

You move to a new city and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by people, but with no friends. Starting again in a new town can be a daunting task and no one wants to be alone in the city, so read these ten tips on how to get to know people, when you move to a new city:

1. Don’t drop your old friends

However far away you are, stay in touch with your old friends. It will take a while to develop a new social circle, so don’t become isolated. If you do feel a bit lonely, then a quick call or an email to one of your old friends will soon cheer you up again.

2. Don’t be shy and say ‘hi’ to your neighbors

Saying ‘hello’ to your neighbors is another good tip on how to meet new people in a new city. You will soon start to recognize some of the new faces around you in your new city, so don’t be shy, say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself to them. Whether they live nearby or you just see them every day on the bus, there’s no harm in trying to get acquainted.

3. Don’t prejudge people

Don’t assume that you know the type of person who will be your friend, it could be anyone. Your first friend could be the old lady who lives next door, or the young guy you met at work. That’s they great thing about friends, they could be any type of person.

4. Don’t worry about rejection

You are going to meet people who just don’t want to be friends, but don’t let that put you off. Not everybody wants to be friendly, that’s their choice, but you will soon find some people who do.

5. Get out and about

Next great tip on how to meet new people in a new city is to get out and about. New friends won’t come knocking on your door, you need to get out and explore your new city. Start getting into a routine and visit the same places regularly. Stop in at the same coffee shop every morning, for example, and you will soon start to post the regulars.

6. Find your local gym

Subscribing to your local gym is another great suggestion on how to meet new people in a new city. Check out your nearest gym and get registered with one you like. Now’s not the time to let our exercise regime go by the board and you will meet new people there too.

7. Accept invitations

Meet people through introductions and don’t turn down invitations, when you get them. It can be awkward going to a party when you don’t know anyone there, but that’s the whole point, you are there to meet new people!

8. Stay positive and upbeat

People like to socialize with positive people, so don’t get down and start telling anyone who is inclined to listen that you are lonely and have no friends! Smile, be positive, and you will soon attract new people into your life.

9. Propose your helping hand and do some volunteering

Next tip on how to meet new people in a new city is to do some work as a volunteer; it is fun and it can be a really rewarding experience. Plus, you will meet plenty of like minded people who could very well become your friends..

10. Take up a new hobby

Join a class or take up a hobby. There is a good reason that everyone suggests this as a way of making new friends and that is because it works! Just check the local newspaper, or look online to find something that interests you and give it a go. You’ll probably find other people who are looking for new friends, these people are just like you.

There are many more other ways to meet new people, just stay on a positive note and be creative. 

Do you have some other tips on how to meet new people in a new city?

Stay happy!

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